New Series: My Three Jewelry Picks of the Week- by Esther Ligthart

Three very different jewelry brands as favorite picks of the week! A new series that keeps me searching for the most lovely jewelry brands out there for you! In silver, gold, and even fashion jewelry. The only criterion is that they need to be absolutely gorgeous! I hope you'll love the three I picked for you this week. Discover Vioro Design, Pannalù and Effy Jewelry.

Hey there, jewelry fans! So, picture this: I'm going about my regular life, hanging out with friends and family, hitting the gym, and kicking it with the crews I'm part of. And you know what? I'm not every day bombarded with questions about which jewelry brands are the bomb. Usually, if people chat about jewelry, they share their faves with me. Sometimes they'll be like, "Listen, I've got my eyes on that Chopard happy diamonds ring. Is it a good choice?" or "Cartier? That's totally my go-to brand." But honestly, most folks I know aren't spewing out a list of brand names like they're walking fashion encyclopedias.

Introducing a New Series: Jewelry picks of the week! So, why not dive headfirst into this topic and introduce you to some rad brands you might not have stumbled upon yet? I'm spotlighting these gems so you can discover new names and pieces that might tickle your fancy or give you some daydream material for your next shopping spree. Who's with me?

No more waiting—let's jump right into this week's juicy jewelry picks!

VIORO design: 

Bringing unique vibes to the table.

Alright, hold up! You have to check out VIORO DESIGN. They're not just saying they're unique for the sake of it—these guys seriously mean it. Hailing from the Netherlands, these creative minds have a history that'll blow your socks off. The real magic happens in Hungary, where Master goldsmith Kónya works wonders with the Mokume Gane technique. And let me tell you, this isn't your typical brand. They only work this technique solely with 18kt gold (while others mess around with nonprecious metals).

Unveiling Mokume Gane:

A Japanese Marvel Hold onto your hats because Mokume Gane is about to blow your mind. This Japanese art form started with decorating samurai swords, but now it's all about crafting jaw-dropping jewelry. VIORO DESIGN takes this technique and works its 18kt gold magic, creating patterns as timeless as they are intricate. It's like wearing a piece of history transformed into something stunningly modern.

Jewelry for Everyone: VIORO's Unisex Magic

Now, brace yourself for VIORO's relationship rings. These are different from your run-of-the-mill gender-specific options. Nope, they're all about embracing every individual—male, female, non-binary, you name it. The colors and patterns (each one's a unique snowflake!) are like art. And trust me, I'm not just saying this: it's gorgeous.

P.S. Calling All Jewelry Store Owners!

Hey, if you're in the business of gorgeous jewelry, I've got some insider info for you. VIORO DESIGN is the name you want to get cozy with. Seriously, mark my words: this brand is a hidden gem waiting to shine, and your customers will go wild for it.

Effy Jewelry:

A Slice of NYC Elegance

Let's talk about Effy Jewelry. This NYC-based brand was born in '79, thanks to the late Effy Hematian. The creator Effy had a thing for Panthers, calling them his muse (cool choice, right?), but he was all about family and community.

Fast forward three decades and Mr. Hematian created jewelry using a whopping 150,000 carats of gemstones each year. Their pieces? Pure class. Think of the kind of jewelry you'll never tire of flaunting—it's a future heirloom ready to rock your world.


Quirky Vibes from Italy. Alright, brace yourself for this: Pannalu is my latest jewelry discovery. I stumbled upon this small Italian brand during my online hunts for cool stuff. Their silver (sometimes gold) and enameled jewelry? Total eye candy. But here's the kicker: they're all about embracing awkwardness and melancholia. Yes, that's right....very different!

Designer Susanna is on a mission to help you rock your self-embarrassment, and she's doing it with whimsical and quirky pieces. This brand doesn't buy into the "be super happy all the time" hype. They're all about celebrating imperfections and reminding us that it's A-OK not to plaster a smile on our faces 24/7.

And the cherry on top? Pannalu's collection rocks a mix of jewelry and silk scarves. It's like a breath of fresh air and screams "now" in every way possible.

There you have it, my jewelry-loving peeps—these brands are here to rock your world and give you a fresh perspective on jewels. Until next time, keep shining and embracing your unique style! 







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