35 Animal Jewelry Pieces that will Blow your mind!

Animal Jewelry is the gift that keeps on giving. It never is out of fashion, in fact, once again it's booming this year! And it's whimsical, fun, sweet and endearing nature makes it the natural conversational piece that you will never get tired of! Here is a blog filled with 35 pieces to blow your mind and inspire you on your next trip to your jeweler!

1.GilanNecklace AnimaljewelryBird Blog


Animal Jewelry; mindblowing beauty

Animal jewelry has been around for so long. Due to the symbolic value people gave it one time and another it was just simply in vogue. Animal jewelry is therefore never out of fashion. We love to start the year with shouting all that is new in fashion, but truth be told; we always see some kind of animal-inspired collection on the catwalks, because animals and nature are just a huge inspiration for any designer. And we, the public, we love it too!

And it's true, animal jewelry of years ago doesn't look dated or out of fashion ever. Many pieces of jewelry do become a little dated over time. Which is totally ok, you might even embrace that look, but animal jewelry keeps on being interesting and charming and fashionable. This is one of the reasons this kind of jewelry always fetches great money at auction. 

Animal jewelry in fashion, but is it available at your jeweler too?

I know, when blogs like mine scream that butterflies are so big in 2018, you ...unless you live nearby some fabulous high-end jewelry stores with a great diversity of brands....end up not finding your local jeweler as enthusiastic about this trend ( or worse, not interested or informed)nor will its collection contain the fun variety of butterflies you found on a blog or Pinterest or wherever. My advice is to start Pinning everything you like. Put it on your board on Pinterest, collect them in your Evernote, or even a folder on your laptop or pc. Start to see what you really like, is it the realistic looking animals? The colorful ones? Do you like it more sculptural like for example; K. Brunini or Manya & Roumen?

How to develop your taste in jewelry

Do you love the more vintage appearance? Maybe you'll find more on sites like 1stDibs? Or do you adore the big names, the brands that will assure you to buy perfection and although you might pay a little more now, you know you are investing your money wisely? Or are you a big fashion lover and do you like your jewelry to match your next outfits? I am a fan of whimsical. An egg that opens, such as the one from the Parisian jeweler Lydia Courteille, charms me off my feet! But Vhernier always enchants me with their incredible craftsmanship and use of gemstones. I like it outspoken, out there, funny, and flamboyant, but there is no right or wrong. The only thing I would say is to dare a little. You won't regret it!


2.Tiffany jean schlumberg Bird vintage Jewelry

Tiffany & Co

3.Van Cleef ArpelsBirdsJewelry

Van Cleef & Arpels

4.Lydia Courteille Ring animalJewelry

Lydia Courteille

5.Palmiero DesignJewelryAnimalSwanfeatherBlog


6.Tiffany HummingBird Jean Schlumberg design Vintage jewelry bird animal

Tiffany & Co

7.Syna Owl ring jewelrysilver

Syna (in sterling silver)


Theo Fennell

9. MasterExclusive Jewelry ring mouse

Master Exclusive

10.Master Exclusive jewelry moscow bird animal

Master Exclusive

11.Paola Crevoshay Jewelry Blog

Paola Crevoshay

12.Stenzhorn Jewelry Butterfly animal


13.aNDREmARCHA jewelry fish

Andre Marcha

14.Vhernier jewelry crab


15.Riccorda Basta Fish jewelry

Ricardo Basta

16.Master Exclusive jewelry Dog

Master Exclusive

17.Lydia Courteille Dung Beetle animal Jewelry

18.Lydia Courteille Chick Egg Ring

Lydia Courteille (both)

19.Lorenz Baumer GeckoBraceletTourmaline citrineamethystpinksapphires

Lorenz Baumer

21.K.Brunini.Spirited animalHummingbird jewelrypendantbizzita


22.Lydia Courteille egg Bunny Ring Animal Jewelry

Lydia Courteille

23.Gucci butterfly necklace


24.Graff 6.02 ruby diamond Gold Brooch


25.Godliaq Frogs animal jewelry bizzita.com Brooch pendant goldDiamondsrhodolite garnet saphhire


26.Cartier high jewelry Fauna Flora PLatinum emerald motherofpearldiamonds


27.Gilan jewelry Pendantnecklaceanimalpeacockbird


28.AngevinJewelry bird animalparrot


29.Chaumet Watch Giraffe


30.Cartier KingFisher LOdyssee de Cartier


31.Delfina Delletrez Brooch black diamonds sapphire citrine Animal Bee Bizzita.com jewelry

Delfina Delletrez

32.Henri.J.Sillam Dragon gemstones diamond goldanimal jewelry bizzita

Henri J. Sillam

33.JacobCo WhiteGoldabiellecollectionbee Brooch

Jacob & Co


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    Nice post, you have written a wonderful article. What a wonderful and unique designs of jewelry. Everyone going to love it a lot. Really awesome.


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