5 brands that you need to know if you love animal jewelry!

Elisa Dray runs her dreamy jewelry brand from Paris, Roberto Coin used to be a hotel manager but now runs a worldwide known jewelry brand and what about the amazing Master Exclusive? Come and see some surprising brands, all famous for their fantastic design of animal themed jewelry.


Little mouse

This week, one of my dearest friends asked if I wanted to see something really sweet. I went to her home and she showed me the tiniest little mouse I had ever seen. She had found it only the day before in her garden and being an animal lover from a very early age, I could tell that this little creature wasn’t going to make it. We had tea, whilst I held the sweet little thing in my hand, as I felt it relax, it lay down and after 30 minutes, it died in loving warm hands.

esther mouse

Whilst I peeked from time to time, I marveled at how tiny but yet incredibly perfect it was. The small legs, the soft fur, the cute nose and ears. It was sheer perfection and although I am not religious, I had a strong feeling of gratitude and connection with the world of animals and nature. I know that the jewelry designers, so fixed on detail, try their very best to translate an animal’s true spirit or its natural movement, into jewelry. For any artist, that’s the challenge: can you really catch it in your art?

Roberto Coin ring Lion Gold Jewelry Bizzita

5 surprising companies

I have chosen 5 companies that are all approaching animal design in their own unique way. And every one of them is doing it amazingly well. Try to observe the details, the incredible perfection, and the idea the creator of the pieces had about how to wear the jewelry. Try to see what stones they dared to use, their use of techniques and colors. All there for you and I to admire, to desire and to allow you to marvel.

Elisa Dray

Elise Dray Dragon Cuff earring animal jewelryElisa Dray Eagle ring animal jewelry Bizzita

This young and beautiful designer runs her own brand from the French Capital. Her style is dreamy, a bit like a fairy tale. Words spring to my mind when I look at it: hip, idealistic, mystical, ultra-glam, hippy, animal lover. Check out her wonderful jewelry. When I look at this style, I can’t help but see the potential of Elisa for the future. She has an international appeal, her jewelry perfect for celebrity occasions. My own favorite? The dragon ear cuff and the seahorse ring

Elizabeth Dray Ring Lion animal jewelry Bizzita


Master Exclusive

Master Exclusive


This brand is from Russia and has started out as a family business in 1994. Today, the company matured and produces, all within their own company, the most gorgeous pieces of jewelry. The pieces of jewelry are mostly unique pieces and more often than not, just one piece per design. Which makes it incredibly interesting for some buyers. I think that we will see a significant growth of brands coming from new markets, such as Russia. And looking at a brand like Master Exclusive, I think the world of jewelry will be better for it.



Forever Jewels

Forever jewels jewelry Owl mouse animal

This Singapore based company creates a lot of different brands and they are both manufacturer and design company. I love their animal themed jewelry a lot. It shows that the designer really cared to create something surprising. The ideas show the capacity of thinking out of the box. Something that will always catch my eye!

Forever jewels1



Roberto Coin.

Roberto Coin birdofprey animalier collection bird Bizzita jewelry

The most *seasoned and well known* of all the brands mentioned here today. Roberto used to be a hotel manager and in 1996 he made the leap into the jewelry world. Roberto is from Vicenza and what you need to know about Vicenza is that it is an amazingly beautiful town ánd also the Citta del’ oro (the city of gold) of Italy.

Roberto Coin animal jewelry Bizzita parrot snake frog Lizzard

Roberto Coin is found in 60 countries and around a 1000 stores. It’s focused on international growth and thankfully, this way, more people globally are familiar with his whimsical animal collection of jewelry. Tigers, snakes, lions, horses, it’s all there. Wild, domestic, cute and not so cute, but all sharing the translation of astonishing beauty of the animal world.

Roberto Coin Bull ring Animalier collection bizzita


SICIS Quetzal bird ring jewelry bizzita

If you are into interior design, you might have heard of the Italian company, famous for its mosaic creations: Sicis. Today, this ambitious company is expanding its collections rapidly worldwide. The collections or *worlds* as they call it, are: mosaic, design furniture, baths, art, watches and yes; jewelry.

SICIS Watch jewelry panda Tesserae

They are easily recognizable for their unique setting of thousands of tesserae in gold, precious gems or mosaic. Often mixed. Colorful, bright. It might be the technique itself that somehow reminds me of one of the most famous painters from my own country: Vincent van Gogh, but perhaps that’s just me. I personally love their mosaic for bathrooms so very much. And I think they have done a very daring step into the jewelry world. Whether it’s for the technique and design, or their fame in the interior design world, Sicis step has been a successful one. 

SICIS butterfly ring jewelry bizzita

N.B. If you love to use some of the images for Pinterest, here are some more just for you!

SICIS Butterfly ring


ROBERTO COIN Parrot, Gecko, Frog, Hedgehog, Scorpio, Snake and Dragon

Roberto Coin Parrot ringjewelry animalier collection bizzita

Roberto Coin Gekko animalier collection animal jewelry bizzita

RobertoCoin collezione animalier frog ring Jewelry Bizzita

Roberto coin hedgehog ring animalier collection

Roberto Coin Scorpio collection animalier Bizzita

Roberto Coin jewelry Snake necklace animalier collection bizzita

Roberto Coin Dragon parure jewelry animal

Forever Jewels

forever jewels Ring lizzard animal jewelry bizzita



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