5 jewelry brands showing us why animals & jewels are so cool, some affordable, some over the top, and some extremely high-end

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 We'll take you to the animal kingdom and show what 5 jewelry brands have created from well under €100,- to very much over €20.000!


Animals. We love them, live with them, and care for them. Their spirit and their appearance have always been in inspiration for any artist. In jewelry, that's not different. Nature teaches us to be good and kind to the creatures that often very much depend on us.

We ought to not just care for the animals that we keep in our homes, but for every single creature out there. It's why we might be on this planet :-)

I have chosen 5 animal jewelry brands


Animal jewelry Vhernier Crabblue Brooch Blog Bizzita

High-end and affordable animal jewelry

The first three are fine high-end jewelry brands; the last two are fashion jewelry brands. The reasons for showing such different price categories are simple; I want to inspire you, and I want to show that for those with a more limited budget, there are some wonderful ideas and brands to choose from!
Many of you might also love the idea of picking up something fun and bright, even if you can afford a little more ;-)

It's all about the Oh's and Ah's this blog!
Have fun!


The pieces of the Vhernier collection are easy to recognize for those who know a thing about jewelry. It's never boring, but never too much. It's outspoken, yet understated chic and it's always beautifully handcrafted in Valenza, Italy. The flagship store of the company is based in Milan. They have clients all over the world, so perhaps you might check out a dealer closer to your home. Vhernier is one of those brands ( co-founded in 1984 by Angela Camurati and bought in 2001 by Carlo Traglio) that has an outstanding reputation. Their gold ring collection is just so gorgeous! But their animal collection is the darling of many. Including me. The combination of gemstones and rock crystal creates that luminous look


Animal jewelry Vhernier Frogs Brooch Blog Bizzita

Animal jewelry Vhernier Crabs Brooch Blog Bizzita

Animal jewelry Vhernier Caterpillars Brooch Blog Bizzita


Ricardo Basta is based in Century City, (USA) on Santa Monica Blvd. He is a third-generation jeweler who started his own brand back in 2004. Born originally in Merlo, Argentina. Ricardo Basta is known for his love of gemstones. The brand specializes in engagement- and bridal jewelry but offers a wide range of other designs as well. I recently posted one of his designs on LinkedIn and the love it got was overwhelming. 

Animal jewelry ricardobasta brooch octopusringDragon bizzita Blog

Animal jewelry ricardobasta brooch zebra bizzita Blog

Animal jewelry ricardobasta brooch panda bizzita Blog

Animal jewelry ricardobasta brooch ringFrog bizzita Blog

Animal jewelry ricardobasta brooch flamingo bizzita Blog.png2


Based in Valenza, Italy, this company shows potential in creating attention. What I love about this company are their designs in animal jewelry. Especially the rings here with the monkeys playing. That is original and very cute. This company may be a little harder to find. Also, their website is far from ideal, to put it mildly. A company that has a lot to learn about how to interact with the public, but nevertheless; I think they have some really good ideas and I don't doubt their craftsmanship. Coming from Valenza :-)

Animal jewelry Angry GioielliMonkey ring jewelryblogBizzita

Animal jewelry Angry Gioiellibutterflies ring jewelryblogBizzita

Animal jewelry Angry GioielliPanther ring jewelryblogBizzita


Two sisters, Nadia & Nancy Koch, created a lifestyle company called Nach. Based on the love for porcelain, their father has worked with miniature porcelain for over 30 years, they managed to create a complete zoo with beautiful creatures. Some fun, some more realistic. And recently they have extended the brand with fashion and must-have accessories. Based in Toulouse, France, this brand creates affordable fun luxury. A ring costs around €75,- and I believe that the most expensive piece is around €200,-. 

I personally love this brand. Yes, porcelain is delicate and yes, it's utterly whimsical (which makes it only more appealing in my book) but these are conversation pieces. They will always get a reaction from others, in a positive way. Whether you choose your spirit animal, your favorite animal or just the coolest animal you can find, it's a great way to wear animal jewelry in a nonchalant and chic way. Just like the French would do. 

Animal Jewelry NACH Porcelain Ring Unicorn Rhino Zebra Bizzita Blog

Animal Jewelry NACH Porcelain Ring TucanAntilope goldfish Bizzita Blog

Animal Jewelry NACH Porcelain Ring catmonkey Bizzita Blog

Animal Jewelry NACH Porcelain Ring Crocodile Bizzita Blog

Little Moose

Oh, how I love Little Moose! A small independ Sussex (U.K) based brand created by husband and wife; James and Carrie. They are handmade using laser-cut acrylic pieces to assemble the earrings, necklaces, and whatnot ( Ok, no rings, perhaps). Their jewelry starts at around £24,95 and doesn't go far up from there. This is the kind of whimsical thoughtfully designed fashion jewelry I love.  They seem to sell wholesale too, which means you might check out if they have a dealer near you. If not, not to worry, they are online available too. With great images of the pieces and how they look on a person. The love and care for what this small company has for its creations are in all the details. From the well-designed ideas to the easy and beautifully designed website.

Animal Jewelry LittleMooseMonkeyNecklaceEarringsBizzita

Animal Jewelry LittleMoosePandaNecklaceEarringsBizzita

Animal Jewelry LittleMooselamaslothNecklaceEarringsBizzita




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