Auvere is one of those jewelry companies that immediately stands out. I covered their story before and would love to inform you about their latest developments and of course; jewelry designs!

Auvere Jewelry Gold 22kt24KtJewelry.png Investment Ring bracelet Necklace

Auvere is a different kind of jewelry brand

First of all, let’s talk about what makes Auvere different than other jewelry brands:

  • Auvere jewelry is made in either 22k or 24k yellow gold. Most jewelry is created in 14K of 18K gold.
  • Auvere's design aesthetic is largely minimalist. Sleek, sophisticated, and contemporary.
  • Auvere jewelry is made in 22k or 24k.
  • Auvere jewelry is also an investment*
  • Auvere jewelry is sold online only. One address for everything. Nothing goes lost in translation, and you don’t need to spend hours trying to determine whether you can get it somewhere cheaper ;-)


Gina Love

Auvere jewelry is created by a former real estate lawyer, turned photographer and designer of sought-after handbags, (Peryton) Gina Love. She is living proof that we are no longer defined by one career, her story is actually very inspiring

But let’s talk about design first. Obviously, there will be a group of men and women who immediately fall in love with the jewelry style of Auvere.  But just as we can’t be defined by one choice, one career, I think that there are lots of people who, like me, love gemstones and animals and abundant bold jewelry. But they notice the sleek, soft feminine designs of Auvere and fall in love with it too! 

Gina Love makes contemporary jewelry design look soft and warm. Something that sleek jewelry misses sometimes. The deep vibrant color if the jewelry makes it incredibly desirable and unique!

Auvere Jewelry Gold 22kt24KtJewelry

So what’s new at AUVERE?

Auvere Jewelry for Men:

Auvere has added a design collection for men. Entirely in line with the rest of the jewelry collections on the website, the Auvere jewelry collection for men has that sleek, understated, yet bold and warm presence. You can find the whole collection here:

24K Jewelry Collection expanding

Good News for those of you who love to see their jewelry gaining more value over time; the 24k collection is growing! Have your pick of jewelry here:

24K jewelry has a vibrant and deep gold color, it’s soft and a pleasure to wear! But needs a little more care from the wearer. Why? Because of its softness!  There are some tips (link including to care tips) on the website itself: It’s best to take it off during exercise, cleaning with chemicals, and put on your perfume before you put on your jewelry. Also, as it is so soft, it is just easier to scratch and damage. 

I personally love jewelry to “live” and nothing wrong with showing some signs of normal wear and tear, but you have to realize that 22k and especially 24k is softer than alloyed gold. 

Auvere Jewelry men Gold Ring Investment 24kt 22kt

AUVERE Wedding Jewelry and Talisman collection

Perhaps inspired by getting married this Spring, Gina has developed a small but delightful wedding ring collection.

Personally, I love the idea of one kind of precious metal for the ring that symbolizes our bond to our partner. The purer, the better! No stones, simple, clean, matching with everything. But it also needs to be clearly a wedding ring. Can’t explain why I find that so romantic. Perhaps it has to do with marriage (or a long term relationship) being an incredible bond between two people. The small, almost humble designed ring is this distinctive preciously tangible object, much like a relationship of love comes down to many very down to earth moments, yet love is at the same time so magical!

The Talisman collection is Gina’s take on known, beloved symbols. My personal favorite is the lips bracelet and necklace (link)! It’s cheeky yet cute and stylish, and perfect for wearing every day. 

Auvere Jewelry Gold 22kt24KtJewelry.png Ring earring bracelet

Auvere jewelry is also investment jewelry

Sure, Auvere is the smartest jewelry investment*around today! You get hand-sculpted jewelry with thoughtful design. You pay a competitive price for a beautiful piece of jewelry, that one day, should you wish to, will fetch you probably more than you paid for it. 

How does that work? Well, if you should want to get money for your jewelry one day, the price you’ll get depends on many different factors. But one where Auvere clearly wins big time is that 18k or 14k gold means that 750/1000  or even just 585/1000 is pure gold.  Simply put: for a piece of 10 gram, you’ll get the price of 10 grams of gold for an Auvere piece of 24k jewelry*. If a jewel instead is 14k, it means that 585/1000 is actually gold. So 5,85 grams of gold in this case. Just a little over half the weight is actually gold. Nothing wrong with that, but this comparison makes it rather clear how smart this jewelry collection is actually created!  *Note: ask your jeweler how they calculate the price of “used gold.” 


Sneak Peak

Did you know that Auvere creates Sneak Peeks monthly? Just to keep you updated about their latest creations and items that are coming soon to the store!’  Don’t want to miss anything? Sign up to their email list.

Gina Love and her now-husband Steven Feldman have done a fantastic job at creating a beautiful, desirable jewelry brand that manages to actually stand out. In a world where there is just an abundance of jewelry designers and brands, that’s actually pretty cool! 

And one thing I want to mention too is the story of Gina. I mean, you always love to know who is behind a brand, what the thoughts were when it was created. What vision, what kind of dream? We buy just as much the why as the what. And Gina’s story is compelling, you get why she has created this jewelry. You understand why this is the style she has chosen. If you read about her love for Steven and how they co-created this brand, you’ll appreciate the choice for 22k and 24k even more. It’s perhaps the story, the why of Gina and Steven, that made me fell deeply in love with their jewelry!

Auvere Jewelry new Gold 22kt 24Kt Investmentonlineweddingring.png2.pngmen


Auvere has recently started with the after pay service. Here are the highlights:

About After Pay —  
  • Here is the website:
  • Retailers onboard AfterPay onto their websites. 
  • It allows customers to pay for items on the retailer’s website in four monthly installments.
  • The max cost per product that AfterPay will allow is $1,000.
  • AfterPay will take a customer’s credit card. 
  • They charge the first installment at the time of purchase and the next three are charged every two weeks.
  • The customer gets the product right away — as opposed to after the last payment.
  • There are lots of brands using afterpay.

 Auvere Jewelry new Gold 22kt 24Kt Investmentonlineweddingring.png2


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  • Jamie Thorncliff

    Jamie Thorncliff

    • 11 September 2023 at 19:02
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    Thanks for sharing about Auvere. The brand's focus on higher-karat gold is intriguing, blending investment with aesthetic appeal. Gina Love's minimal yet warm designs truly stand out, and it's exciting to see them expand into men's and wedding collections. Auvere is clearly redefining how we think about jewelry's value and style.


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