Award Winning Amazing Sustainable Green Jewelry.

Susan McLeary creates one of the most orignal pieces of jewelry I have seen. Showstoppers, conversationmakers, floral wonders.

PassionflowerMade Jewelry Susan


Sustainable Jewelry made with Plants

Susan McLeary is a floral designer from Ann Arbor, Michigan in the U.S. She is known for her unusual flower designs and is a teacher to those who are interested in standing out as a flower designer. She creates jewelry out of plants and flowers.
Flower Crowns, head pieces and more. Her pieces have personality and character. It's no wonder that many people who are fond art lovers, fall for her organic designs.
They are unusual, yet so pleasing to the eye.

PassionflowerMade Ring plant


PassionflowerMade Jewelry

PassionflowerMade jewelry bracelet

Passion Flower made Susan mcleary jewelry green

The plants used on these pieces of jewelry featured here today, are wearable for a couple of weeks. After that the plant will come off and you can transfer it to its own pot.
Now that is sustainable!

I fell in love with her work as I admire all those who are able to think outside the box. Those who are able to marry two worlds that have not a real connection -flowers are an inspiration, but hardly ever used for real (find here more real flower jewelry)-and create a new kind of
beauty. As I have shown her work to several people, I have noticed how people instantly, as they see the images, move their heads closer to the screen. A sign of true interest. But it is astonishing how children reacted to it. They all thought it was
the most beautiful jewelry they had ever seen. :-)

PassionflowerMade 1

PassionflowerMade jewelry plants

Passion flowermade jewelry crown



Award Winning 

Susan received one gold and three silver medals and placed second overall in the 2014 Fusion Flowers International Designer of the Year competition. She is an award winning artist that will surprise us for sure with more amazing designs in the future.


You can Susan's sustainable, green jewelry at the most affordable prices on Etsy. Keep in mind that it takes time to create the pieces, so it might take longer than you hope to create your piece of green jewelry.
She ships her sustainable bracelets, rings and necklaces within the U.S.A. For more information, visit her website:

Prices: From 32,- to 125,- dollars


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