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Cartier is one of the biggest names in jewelry. Their high-end jewelry collections are always very beautiful, but with my adoration for anything animal-theme related, I especially appreciate the new version of their famous crocodile necklace.

Cartier CrocodileJewelry

Cartier and Mariá Félix

It was back in 1975 that Cartier created, as a commissioned piece of jewelry, a necklace for the famous and very beautiful Mexican actress Mariá Féix. A yellow and green crocodile, falling around her neck perfectly and without doubt, matching her personality completely. A woman who wears something like this has developed a fine taste in jewelry, not caring about the opinion of others, as this kind of jewelry clearly is not everybody’s cup of tea. (but oh my, it is my cup of tea totally)

Cartier CrocodileJewelry.png4

The crocodiles were, of course, stunning, and the same artisan sculptor, a Master at his job, involved in creating that necklace has been again working on the new crocodile jewelry ensemble.

Cartier CrocodileJewelry.png3

Cartier Snake Crocodile Maria Felix

Details of the Cartier crocodile necklace

Here is more for those of you who love details! 

14 cabochon-cut emeralds from Colombia, with a total weight of 46,45 carats. Perfectly matched, perfectly cut, perfect in all the same intense green shade. 1875 hours, that is the amount of time it took to craft the necklace, and 1019 hours for the bracelet.

Cartier 1875 Hours work crocodile

Cartier and the hand of a true master

The collection contains 4 pieces and are so well crafted, that although they don’t appear to be easy to wear. they actually are. Smooth, made to accomodate, with ease around the neck and ears and arms of its fortunate wearer.

The animal doesn’t look like a cartoon, nor does it look completely realistic, yet once again, a jewelry Maison managed to capture the essence of the animal. The expression of the eyes and mouth, the proportion of every part of the animal, no matter in what kind of jewelry it’s been turned into. This is what sets the Masters apart from those who try to create something similar.

Cartier CrocodileJewelry.png Bracelet

Cartier has been crafting reptile inspired jewelry since 1910 and has created for the same femme fatale; Maria Felix, another necklace in 1968. A gorgeous snake containing 178,21ct of diamonds. This article wants to celebrate beautiful jewelry and inspire you to look. To see what you notice about the pieces. If you can appreciate the color of the stones. Natural stones differ in color, lustre and inclusions. Colors like these are rare and very valuable. Sometimes it can take ages to get a perfect match of colored gemstones together.

CartierCrocodileJewelry Necklace GreenEmeraldDiamond

CartierCrocodile EarringsJewelry emerald

There is much to appreciate, yet this is a Masterpiece. If you want something similar, try to take a look at one of my multiple animal-themed jewelry blogs. You will find so many creators of beauty and perhaps one really captures your love (and budget ;-) )

Cartier Crocodile Necklace


CartierWe LOVE Cartier


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  • Segal Jewellery

    Segal Jewellery

    • 15 December 2018 at 12:37
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    WOooooowWW!! These crocodiles are really amazing but too large! They would steal lots of attention, instead of paying it on woman :D


  • Ruchika


    • 24 January 2019 at 12:18
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    Hi, nice information shared.I have a site named UberDiva We have wide range of statement neck pieces, earrings, bracelets etc.


  • Anaheim hills

    Anaheim hills

    • 25 February 2019 at 05:52
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    nice information , I especially appreciate the new version of crocodile necklace.


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