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Every week there are red carpet events and every week, celebrities rely on their stylist to come up with the coolest clothes and the hottest jewelry. A chance to observe jewelry shining on beautiful stars. I like to share to my latest discoveries in jewelry brands and show you why they are hot!  Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez, Rebecca Romijn amongst others, really shined with rings from Maxior, Gilan, Noudar, Doves and L’Dezen.

Celebrities jewelry JenniferLopez RebeccaRomijn KatyPerry

Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez and Rebecca Romijn on the Red Carpet last week

Everyone enjoys watching famous people and observe what they wear. I am not a lover of trashy magazines that have some kind of local stylist aboard, giving opinions about the outfits. It's a thing that sells, but I know that to make a celebrity look like this on red carpet events, there is an army of professionals working as hard as they can in order to let her or him shine. And yes, it is business when celebrities promote dresses, bags, shoes and jewelry. But done with great taste it can work like magic. Here are some fine examples of the last weeks and here are the jewelry brands I discovered them wearing. For me, most are new names. Part of the fun is discovering new brands, new names and get familiar with their jewelry. 

Sparkling, sexy jewelry

There is so much beauty out there, so many fantastic designers, so many fantastic brands. And my mission on this blog has always been, to show you what I know, what I discover along the way and you know why? Because jewelry really is something created for our joy. It's often a tangible object containing memories of our lives, but it can also be just about sparkling that one night. I know, there are companies now that allow you to hire jewelry, if you want to change often or don't have the budget to buy something. Anything that allows a woman to shine, and I have seen myself many times happening, anything that makes her shine is like a sparkle of joy to me. I really really love to see that. :-) 

Here are the stars and the brands they have shown on the red carpet events. I can't pick a favorite, as they all are so interesting! But maybe I can admit to finding Noudar incredibly sexy. Which one is your favorite? 

Maxior JewelryBizzitacelebrity

Maxior Jewelry


Katty Perry wearing Maxior and Gilan.  

Katy Perry, one of my own 8 year old son’s favorite singers, wore Maxior diamond earrings and a ring by Gilan, when she was at the Capitol Records 75th Anniversary Gala on the 25th of Novermber.

 GilanJewelry Bizzita BlogKatyperry
Gilan Jewelry

Rebecca Romijn wearing Noudar and J.Lo wearing Maxior, L'Dezen and Doves.

Rebecca Romijn, the stunning blonde model/ actress is almost Dutch :-). Born in the U.S. but from a Dutch father and a Dutch/English mother. She reminds me a little of Doutzen Kroes.  Rebecca wore the Noudar jewelry to the 2016 American Music Awards.

Jennifer Lopez went to the 17th Annual Latin Grammy Awards, wearing Maxior earrings and rings by L’Dezen and Doves by Doron Paloma in Las Vegas.

LDezen jewelry Bizzitacelebrity

L'Dezen Jewelry


Noudar Jewelry

Noudar Jewelry


Noudar Jewelry Bizzita celebrity

Noudar Jewelry finger rings

Doves Jewelry Celebrity 

Doves bracelets


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