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The holiday season is here! Trees are being put up in houses and town squares, the atmosphere of Christmas, with all its lights and festive songs is everywhere. And we start to think about shopping. Or maybe you have your first gifts already hidden somewhere in your home! Today I would love to inspire you with the beautiful world of Chopard. 



Iconic Brand

Chopard is one of those very big names in jewelry. But even if you haven’t been much into jewelry, you will have seen its perfume for sure in the department stores. It’s an iconic brand. Today its lead by two co-presidents: Karl-Friedrich Scheufele and his sister Caroline.


A bit of history

Chopard was established in 1860 by Louis-Ulysse Chopard and his son Paul Louis Chopard took over in 1921. The company specialized in watches and later moved to Geneva.  In 1963 Chopard actively searched for a buyer who would take the company to the next level. And that buyer came from Pforzheim, Germany. Karl Scheufele was a descendant of a dynasty of watchmakers and jewellers.


It was a genius move and the company quickly became one of the most important brand names in the world of jewelry and watches. Nowadays most people will have heard in one way or the other of the Chopard brand.


Where can you find Chopard?

You can find this brand mostly in their own boutiques and in the more exclusive department stores. But Chopard is also sold by high end jewelers. If you like to see if there is a store nearby you can check that out here.


If you are looking for something to give to a woman, there is a wonderful choice in both jewelry and watches. From the extravagant pieces with a price tag that matches that ;-) to the more affordable pieces of jewelry. Often signed with the C of Chopard. One of the most recognizable pieces of jewelry from Chopard is of course the Happy Diamonds collections. You will find this in small pendants or rings and also in watches. The moving diamonds are such a playful touch! This collection has been around for many years and has become an icon itself.


Happy Mickey Mouse

I loved the Happy Mickey collection. I must admit: I didn’t know they did this collection…but I adore playfulness and something daring. For a luxury company like Chopard it is often all about serious collections. But Chopard has its very own *silly* side…and I adore that side!



The duck is one of the other more famous examples. Not for everyone’s taste nor wallet…but just look how lovely it is! ( and well made…wow)

Chopard also does some wonderful scarves.

For men there is of course a broad collection of watches and miniature toys too! There are pens and cufflinks.


Chopard Stationary

I have a huge weakness for beautiful stationary. So the pen collection of Chopard is absolutely irresistible for me! When I look at a beautiful pen, I long to get my Moleskine Notebook out and just write down something: ideas, dreams, lists….you name it.


I could not imagine life without my laptop, iPad and PC anymore, let alone my smartphone…But there is something incredibly romantic and stylish about a gorgeous pen and a beautiful notebook.

Want to get more ideas or dream a little? You can go to the website of Chopard and they will take you into their wonderland immediately! 

Happy Holidays!


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