De Grisogono, The Iconic Jewelry Brand, Opens New London Boutique

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De Grisogono opened a new boutique on New Bond Street in London. Come and take a look at how elegance is perfectly mixed with a homely feeling.

De Grisogono London


They will always remain one of my favorite high end jewelry brands. De Grisogono, the brand is never shy to appear on the red carpet or host fabulous parties for the rich and famous. Yet, the owner Fawaz Gruosi, always seems calm and reserved. We haven't yet met, but I always get the idea he is more of an observer than someone who loves to give his opinion all the time.

De Grisogono Boutique London

The new boutique is created with David Collins Studio and has three rooms. We just wanted to give you an impression here, how a store of a high end jewelry brand, looks like. It is elegant, yet made feel homely at the same time. The color, the fabrics, the intimate atmosphere. I like it and will visit it on my next trip to London for sure.

De Grisogono London Boutique

You can find the new boutique DE GRISOGONO on 15a New Bond Street, London, W1S 3ST.

De grisogonoLondon
De Grisogono Boutique
London DeGrisogono

De Grisogono is found on many red carpet celebrities, like Monica Bellucci at the Spectre Première:

De Grisgono Spectre daniel craig monica bellucci


De Grisogono: famous for beautiful jewelry, where shape comes before the gemstone. Colorful and original and often one of a kind pieces:DeGrisogonoAnelliearrings


DeGrisogonoring Coure heart
De GrisogonoRingBocca collection
De GrisogonoRing Matassa yellowgold



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