Jewelry Designer in the Spotlight: Maison Jeff & Jeka

Jeff Alexander and Jeka Anatolevich wrote me that they share a passion for martial arts, hip-hop, avant-garde fashion, precious materials, street art and oh yes; tattoos. I was immediately intrigued! The kind of fresh approached designers I long to see entering the jewelry scene! So here is the first to kick off this new series on Bizzita; Maison Jeff & Jeka! 

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Jeka Anatolevich, co-founder and creative director: ''we are coming from different backgrounds but we are sharing a passion for martial arts, hip-hop, avant-garde fashion, precious materials, street art, and tattoos, we forged a friendship that, over the years shaped the DNA of Maison Jeff & Jeka.

We are always looking for the best and don’t hesitate to take our time to do what we decide to do. 
For example, when the time came to bring Eva’s sketch to life we faced the challenge of the 18 karats gold tattoo. After years of research (more than 2 years), we almost dropped the idea. But we never gave up! Like Walt Disney said: If you can dream it, you can do it.  So we finally found the solution, by adapting a specific savoir-faire of Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship. Since then, the gold tattoo became our signature.

''It was an inspiring quote from Disney that made us not giving up! Today, the gold tattoo has become our signature''

We do only things we love to do. We don’t care about traditional jewelry moreover we don’t want to follow their rules. We consider ourselves more as artists and jewelry is our medium. Furthermore, we are pretty young in this game and we want to speak to our generation and to those who love our universe.


Today we, the two of us: Jeff & Jeka, have the choice of controlling the whole creation process from the inception of the design until the very end of the experience including the conception of our DNA. Even the photos and videos.

We are aware of the image that some of our creations can convey. That’s why we chose to begin our collection with EVA. This piece represents our philosophy best: We are not fighting with the same weapons. Eva incarnates the paradox of The Fight for Love collection.  The radicality of our creations allows us to quickly distinguish our fans from others who do not understand the final message: LOVE

What I think of the brand:

What I already mentioned was that it was their e-mail that stood out immediately. I get a lot of very similar texts where inspiration and the start of a designing career seem to be almost too predictable. But on the other hand, of course, it is and there is nothing wrong with that. However, there is a better way to communicate and stand out and that is either to have a very different story to tell, or by being open and personal. Even when I invite people to be like that, rarely do designers and others dare to step too far from their comfort zone and their marketing story. Which is a pity? Marketing stories are there to give some general information and that's fine. Want the attention of an editor, vlogger or blogger? Try to stand out. Jeka send me this mail and it stood out because of their different story and background. It was what drove them to create the brand that appealed to me. 


The collection is far too small to really see the full potential of their brand and the future in jewelry. Perhaps the fact that they create a (few)iconic pieces is the dream, but I sure hope to see much more soon! The product looks like a lot of love has been put into it. They claim that the technique has cost them several years and that the product is now absolute perfection. I can't judge that from a website, but this is what I see; I see something that has been made with a lot of attention to detail. The two small customizable 18 carats rose gold vermeil guaranty cards, the box, the finishing; it looks sharp and cool.

I think that they may appeal to a very specific public and that public has some serious money to spend. Prices range from €17.000 to €30.0000. The products are limited editions and for some, they claim to have put almost 2 years of R&D in it. A limited edition, niche product and niche market, it all adds up in the price. 

In short: Jeff & Jeka are so cool! They have created an own signature look and with the Fight for Love collection, they make a very clear statement. This brand does storytelling and has created a stunning and strong website to support it all. I am sure that they will know how to enchant true fans and returning customers. I would love to see them very soon with more products! But my God; how cool are they?

Like to get in touch with them? Drop us a line or click simply on the link in the text above. 

NB. Are you a designer? Have a great story to tell? Doing something original, think you deserve more attention? Or do you have something you think we should absolutely see, do drop Esther a line on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Don't forget: include photos! This is a non-paid-for series of young and less known jewelry designers. More on being featured as a jewelry designer




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  • Umesh Agarwal

    Umesh Agarwal

    • 23 July 2018 at 09:05
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    Nice information on jewellery designers.Thank you for sharing the info.


  • Krishna Pearls

    Krishna Pearls

    • 24 July 2018 at 09:12
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    Nice Article about your passion as well nice info about jewellers designs.


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