Dior jewelry, the Fairytale World of Madame Victoire

Dior, it's just one of those big names that immidiately appeal to our imagination. A world of glitter, glamour, high fashion, the amazing accessoiries and let's not forget: absolutely fabulous jewellery 



Victoire de Castellane Dior Workshop 01 

Victoire de Castellane is a jewelry designer for Dior. Some of her most amazing pieces appeared at the time that John Galliano was still the big name behind their fashion designs. I absolutely adore the pieces she designed. I get all excited even when I see them as they appeal to my love for colour and fairy tales and creativity and magic.

You may even call them slightly childlike, but I don't think that's an insult at all. I can only imagine that children love this jewellery! :-) The jewelry of Victoire are like fairy tales more than anything else. 




This lady has some noble blood in her veins. And some very famous and rich family memers. Her grandmother is Sylvia Hennessy ( yes, from the famous cognac) There is actually a lovely story about her. Victoire's love for jewellery and colours was born when she observed her grandmother change christmas ornaments during the day, as she wanted it to match perfectly with her different outfits! 

Victoire already designed jewelry at the tender age of 11 and had them produced by a small workshop.

Design also runs in the family. She is related to Gilles Dufour. A famous name in the fashion industry, once the right hand to Karl Lagerfeld and later on he worked for Balmain. Victoire spent 14 years of her career working for Chanel and she created lovely designs for the French Maison. 

Although fortunate to have such famous roots and relatives, her career is really build on her talent and her playfull designs. She earnes her status to her amazing ability to create very different yet always stunning designs.


Dior new

In 1998 Dior started creating haute joailllerie and Victoire is their head designer. She explains that her creativity comes from her own desires and what she would love to wear. She is inspired by a lot of colourful toys and scooby doo strings and anime figures that are just about everywhere in her office. She loves to imagine that at night her office turns into a scene like Toy Story and the figures live a life of their own. I must tell you, I LOVE this kind of fantasy and how it inspires her! It makes you look even better at her jewelry, don't you agree? Maybe I can relate so easily to her as my attic contains a large box full of snow globes. My husband really doesn't like them. He thinks they are corny and kitsch. I secretly think they do have something enchanting and loved to shake them. They always made me smile! Believe in the magical things in life. That's the strong message behind the jewellery of Madame Victoire de Castellan.

Zelfs tot op de dag van vandaag houdt ze ervan zich voor te stellen als een prinses die juwelen draagt. Daarom zie je in haar werk zoveel sprookjesachtige elementen terug. En heel veel elementen uit de natuur, de kinderwereld, Hollywood films enzovoorts. Heerlijk! Grappig en flamboyant. Zij is mijn absolute lieveling wat ontwerpen betreft. Ik kan me het niet veroorloven, maar dat vind ik helemaal niet erg. Heerlijk om over te fantaseren!




dior-diorette-collection 3

Dior rings




Dior 4





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