Dior Jewelry presents the Granville Collection

The colors have never been striking than in this newest Dior Joaillerie collection by creative director Victoire de Castellane.



Victoire de Castellane

Victoire is one of those people that have created daring and powerful collections with a very unique style. A style that, once you have looked a little bit around in the jewelry world, you would recognize everywhere.




Cheerful and Naive

She is not afraid of color and she certainly is not afraid of being too whimsical or playful.

It’s funny, but only a happy few are able to design amazing jewelry, with fancy and childlike elements. Naively cheerful, happy and bright. I have been a fan since the very first item I ever saw. And I can’t help it. Even when I am slightly grumpy, her jewelry brings a smile to my face.

Dior jewelry ring granville


Dior is not afraid of color

It is always a pleasure to see how the huge names in the industry, such as Dior, are not afraid at all to bring this happy pieces of jewelry, on the market.

They might not be cheap, but even if you just admire them, don’t you feel a smile coming up?


Dior Jewelrygranville

Childhood of Mr. Christian Dior

This collection was created as a result of an inspired voyage into the childhood of Mr Dior himself. I was lucky enough myself to visit that area just a few weeks ago and I was deeply impressed by the beauty of the area. Granville, on the Normandy coast was, so Victoire claims, the inspiration for the 12 unique pieces, capturing the spirit of children’s and creative games.


''As if stickers were put together spontaneously, without any preconceived constraints”

Victoire de Castellane, on the Granville collection by Dior.


Dior Braceletjewelrygranville


Bright gemstones

She transformed the happy childplay into colored stones such as green beryl, morganite, aquamarine, tanzanite, pink tourmaline, rubellite, chrysoberyl and peridot

''No color outshines another. Each is able to be the star of the show in this collection’’


Dior Granville Watches

The watches are just as playful with really bright colors and precious details. D de Dior Granville collection contains 9 timepieces. In white, yellow or rose gold. 

What I love about this collection is that it tells a story about childhood. About a man who meant a great deal to the whole fashion world and we do not remember him as particularly playful. Yet, this collection and this approach brings back to mind that we all once were children. With hopes, dreams, a scratch on our knee and with the incredible ability to turn almost anything into play and fun.


If anything, this collection is perhaps even more a reminder to allow that child that one still carries within, to come out and play, just a little more often.





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