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Working as a jewelry blogger and journalist has brought me a lot! One of the things it brought me is a curious journey of discovering jewelry from countries that we don’t find usually in Europe or the U.S. It’s not just me, enjoying this journey, but lots of people do! As we open our hearts and minds more and more towards physical or virtual travelling to other countries, different cultures with visions of beauty, art and life,  both interesting and astonishing. Today on Bizzita, we look a little closer at 4 magnificent brands from India. 

Amrapali jewelry

Amrapali Geo Collection in silver and gold and gemstones

As I have been describing trends and forecasts for the coming seasons for various magazines, I noticed to my delight, that the trend of seeking multi-cultural encounters and the longing for artisans, craftsmanship and authenticity in jewelry, is only growing bigger and bigger.

For me, looking at Indian jewelry, is a little like travelling. I look at the often very warm soft gold finish of the pieces, the different cuts of gemstones and the richness of the design. And I love to imagine how it would be received in countries like my own and other Western countries. I can only imagine how gorgeous it would look on so many women, wherever they live, love and work!

 Amrapali peacock ringnecklacejewelry


Amrapali Peacock Temple Bangle and diamond and ruby necklace



Amrapali was created by two heritage enthusiasts and history students. Rajiv Arora and Rajesh Ajmera based the name of the company on the famous legendary muse: Amrapali. She is the timeless and ageless symbol of what a muse is. Dating back to 500BC she was apparently, a famous royal courtesan. 


Amrapali Silver Collection

Amrapali has a wonderful fine jewelry collection, but I am rather fond of their silver collection. Both can be found in their e-shop online and especially the silver collection is incredibly affordable! 

Bapalal Keshavlal 1939

A prestigious brand created by Bapalal Keshavlal Mehta. Today the company is no longer just a high quality manufacturer, but a globally expanding brand. A prestigious brand seeking to seduce the world with its magnificent jewelry.

Bapalal Keshaval auratamearrings

Balpalal Keshavlal Auratam Collection

What I love about Bapalal Keshavlal is the fact that it is a pure East meets West kind of brand. Although the brand is truly Indian, their style seems almost Italian. The jewelry is all glamorous, ready for any red carpet either on Bollywood or Hollywood. 


Tan means body and Nishk means gold ornament. This brand was founded by Xerxes Desai, a famous name in India, who unfortunately passed away this summer. He was the first to introduce the quartz watch in India and founded the company Titan and later on Tanishq. From starting as an 18kt gold watch company they ultimately became a 22k gold jewelry company. Huge in Indian bridal jewelry and seeking its way to adorn Indian women also in their daily lives as professionals.

Tanishq jewelry hearts

Tanishq jewelry: the Queen of Hearts collection

What I love about Tanishq is first of all its huge collection. I mean, they cover such a variety of styles! I was pleasantly surprised by the website, which feels contemporary and easy to navigate. I liked the mismatch collection as it gently touches the trend of mismatched earrings, without going too much over the top. But I love the Queen of Hearts collection most! 

Hazoorilal Legacy

This company was founded by Hazoorilal Narang and is led today by his eldest son and grandson. They don’t just create beautiful jewelry but offer clients some special services too. Besides bridal appointments, they offer clients the possibility to either upgrade or change the design of their own jewelry.

Hazoorilal earrings

Hazoorilal Earrings in gold and gemstones

What I love about this company? I saw Full Bloom necklace with rubies and white and yellow gold. An amazing piece of jewelry, although extremely important, it has charm and grandeur, the perfect match for a celebrity with a strong enough personality or for queens and princesses that know how to wear jewelry like this.


 Hazoorilal jewelry Full bloom

Hazoorilal Full Bloom with Flowers, micro pavé setting, fancy yellow and white diamonds and rubies


Hazoorilal jewelry diamond

Hazoorilal Diamond ring and bracelet
Amrapali collection Alyssa Milano
Amrapali Lotus Silhoutte Polki Bangle, Alyssa Milano wearing Amrapali on the catwalk

Amrapali Silver talisman jewelry

Amrapali Silver Amulet Chest piece. Silver Ring

Bapalal KeshavalDiamondruby

Bapalal Keshavlal diamond and ruby jewelry

Bapalal Keshaval earrings pendantBluequartz

Bapalal Keshavlal pendant with blue quartz and diamond earrings

Tanishq jewelry 1

Tanishq jewelry 





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    These jewels are all gorgeous!?I love them!My favourite is the Queen of Hearts collection!?


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