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Meet Anna Rita Pinto, the founder of a new concept in online jewelry shopping. JoyItalianLuxury is unique; come and discover why. Italian jewelry delivered on your doorstep, wherever you are!

Meet Anna Rita Pinto, the founder of a new concept in online jewelry shopping. JoyItalianLuxury is unique; come and discover why. Italian jewelry delivered on your doorstep, wherever you are!

2020, the year that online jewelry shopping grew explosively

Anna Rita Pinto and I met online. In 2020, this is how things roll! Changes were upcoming, and online luxury shopping was gaining more and more trust from customers. But then the pandemic hit the world hard, and suddenly we saw online shopping becoming almost the new normal.  

As a start-up, this new normal gave JoyItalianLuxury a bit of a headstart. Pure luck? Maybe, but what I noticed immediately about Anna Rita is her sincere enthusiasm and commitment to her company. She has an artistic soul but a mindset for business. She has prepared herself professionally extensively and has found a way to blend artisanal excellence with a seamless digital experience. She is ready to create a magical customer journey for her clients all over the world. Whether they want a ready-to-order piece of jewelry or co-create a jewel with Anna Rita and her wonderful hub of Valenza-based jewelry artisans. This new online jewelry store is creating a buzz! 

JoyItalianLuxury Jewelry online Italian shopping AnnaRita.2

Anna Rita's warm nature and kind soul tell a convincing story; her company is a digital jewelry store with a deeply human touch. She really wants to create magic for her customers AND the jewelry designers and goldsmiths that work with her. THIS is exactly the kind of collaboration that is ready for the future. Gen Z and conscious jewelry shoppers all over the globe will love HER approach to jewelry shopping! 

I know Anna Rita Pinto, the driving force behind this new online jewelry concept, and I would love to introduce her to you. Knowing who is behind the company tells us so much more of the heart and soul of it, right?

Anna Rita Pinto on her childhood and upbringing

''Fantasy was everything to me; it was the core of my happiness while growing up in a lovely village, Termoli, on the coast in the Molise area. According to my parents and teachers, I was a very sensitive and obedient person. I grew with an older brother who had a neurological disability. Defending those who were weaker or needed help became natural for me. 

JoyItalianLuxury Jewelry online Italian shopping bracelet

Art has helped me a great deal as a child. I loved to express myself with my painting, sketches, and even clothes and jewelry for my dolls''. 

Anna Rita continues: ''My biggest challenge was to fill my parents' lack of education. They were of modest origins, through my commitment to the school. I remember going to the library to borrow books to read because through that world made up of characters and places, I created my very own world''.  

"I was a dancer, I was only 5 years old, and my dad was this kind, big man who cherished me and made me fly while dancing. He was taking me into the golden world of princesses'' 

 When I grew up, I thought of myself as a pediatrician capable of treating children. Still, the artistic part loved art, architecture, and design, so I imagined myself as an architect or stylist.  I made paintings from an early age. My parents framed them proudly jewels and dresses that my mother jealously guarded over the years and that I found after her death in the family home.  

I had a beautiful family who loved me and deeply believed in me, supporting me in my choices, always''. 

The daily life of this online jewelry entrepreneur

Anna Rita shares a little insight into her daily life. ''I live with my husband, my three children, and our lovely poodle called Paci, in a wonderful city, Ravenna, an open-air museum famous for Byzantine mosaics, the capital at the time of the Byzantine Empire.

JoyItalianLuxury Jewelry online Italian shopping ring.19

It is a beautiful city, you can go by bike or go sailing, hike into the nearby hills, or admire the works of art. This city has made me feel at peace with my soul, and it caused me to get back in tune with my artistic soul while being submerged by the thousand chores of a working mother-wife''. 


As the children were growing up, I started studying again to realize my artistic dream! After graduating in Business Management, I studied Digital Marketing and gained an Executive Master in Entrepreneurship. Today I am the head of a digital company that connects customers from all over the world to the Italian goldsmith art of excellence. JoyItalainLuxury helps customers -through a certified chain- with their choices for jewelry design and getting the jewelry made by the best Italian Master goldsmiths

JoyItalianLuxury Jewelry online Italian shopping earrings.1

Anna Rita started considering a business project to apply a new perspective of change management for the Italian goldsmith's excellent craftsmanship. 

''I have always believed that Italian art is appreciated all over the world. However, I think that there is a need for renewal, both in value proposition and value chain. RENEWAL is the watchword!'' 

Esther: At what point did you know, hey, there is a market for my idea?! 

''Well, I documented myself on various sector studies, and I ascertained that not only is the jewelry market a stable market, but it's a growth market. However, a lot of work had to be done on brand awareness and reputation. They want to emotionally "participate" in their realization'', she says. 

JoyItalianLuxury Jewelry online Italian shopping necklace parure

I could not agree more, and as we discussed this, she told me: ''No longer can we stop just the presentation of a collection; the customer is the main subject. Around her or him, the entire customer journey revolves. Codesign, manufacturing, awareness, traceability, and sharing are the 5 core values ​​of JIL's value proposition''.

Goldsmiths from Valenza

You have chosen to work with the famous jewelry town, Valenza. Their Goldsmiths are amazing. But why did you opt for them?

JoyItalianLuxury Jewelry online Italian shopping AnnaRita

''While I was attending the Master in Bologna Business School, I started the scouting phase of the goldsmith workshops of excellence of Made in Italy. (I already had a connection with Piedmont, having worked 18 years for the large Fiat Group based in Turin.)

I decided to start the pilot project in the goldsmith district of Valenza, Piedmont. I chose Valenza for its outstanding artisan skills in jewelry manufacturing and stone setting. I wanted to do an important project, telling the world the Italian jewelry artisans' story''. 

JoyItalianLuxury Jewelry online Italian shopping ring.1

Esther: As I have lived in Valenza for almost 10 years, I know what she is talking about. This is the town where the most incredible jewelry is created. Underneath virtually any building, you'll find a workshop or small factory. This is the town that Bulgari has chosen for its major factory plant. Why? Because of the artisanal skills passed on through generations of inspired jewelry makers. I talked about Marketing on a lot. Good marketing starts with having and applying a core value in your business and your communication. How does that work for you, Anna Rita? What is your core value?

core value of joyitalianluxury

Anna Rita: ''JoyItalianLuxury is the creator of dreams.

Our mission is to create unique pieces, exclusive design built on our customers' wishes''. She pauses and continues: ''A jewel is eternal! It is a personal and distinctive element; it tells about you and your soul. And we are here, together with the Italian goldsmiths' skills, to fulfill every wish''. 

JoyItalianLuxury Jewelry online Italian shopping ring bracelet panther

Starting a business is so challenging! What was the most challenging thing for you?

Anna Rita explains that the most difficult thing creating an awareness of how important collaboration was and why communicating this synergy to the outside world. Among the goldsmiths and various jewelry companies, there is still some mistrust in digital projects. This is the challenging mission of JOYITALIANLUXURY (JIL) 

JoyItalianLuxury Jewelry online Italian shopping ring

joyitalianluxury jewelry collections

What can you tell about the jewelry you have chosen for your collections on the website?

''I believe that JIL (short for JoyItalianLuxury) stands out for its ability to enter into a relationship with the customer'', says Anna Rita. ''We understand their needs and make dreams come true. We also produce unique pieces in line with respect for nature, beauty, and the origin of the materials that constitute them. And the values ​​they represent. Our values ​​start from love for heritage, the history that passes from generation to generation, in every family. The real inheritance is preserving the family's origins, to be handed down and jealously guarded''. 

JoyItalianLuxury Jewelry online Italian shopping ring.20

How did you pick the right artisans for your project? 

I have always been looking first for people, then for the companies they represent. The choice always has these criteria: value elements, roots, history, organization of the artisan laboratory, and products. Then we move on to choose the collections together; we talk about any customizations of the collections and sartorial jewelry management.

JoyItalianLuxury Jewelry online Italian shopping ring.18

Do you only offer gold jewelry? 

''The jewels must represent the customers, whether they are gold or silver. Those who also want to invest in the jewel's intrinsic value choose gold, diamonds, and precious stones. Those who want to focus on workmanship and design may overshadow the characteristics of inherent value. It's a story of values between our highly valued consumer, JIL, and the amazing artisans we work with''. 

JoyItalianLuxury Jewelry online Italian shopping ring.17

What is the price range?

''There is no precise range; every customer is precious to us: from those who choose a silver ring to those who ask for a diamond necklace. JIL's mission is to hand down an authentic story, no matter what precious metal he or she chooses'' says Anna Rita. It's not about price but about value—a great approach, in my opinion. 

JoyItalianLuxury Jewelry online Italian shopping ring.16

In 2021 the shop will also be in English. But DON'T HESITATE to visit the store or even order your jewelry now. This store is a little gem! And such a discovery! Use the magic of Google to translate the content into your own language and browse through the wonderful jewelry! 

Buying jewelry online, the process

How does it all work for a customer? 

''If you find a jewel on the site you like, you can buy it and indicate the size before making the payment. If you want your own personalized jewel, you can write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fill out the assistance form'', Anna Rita explains. 

JoyItalianLuxury Jewelry online Italian shopping ring.13

''Normally the collections on the site are "made to order," i.e., there are no warehouse stocks. Still, it is always good to ask customer care for further details if in doubt. It may happen, in fact, that there is a jewel available or similar that you can see in the video, photo, or video call. If, on the other hand, the jewel is personalized, there will be a joint elaboration. Development of the model and a possible wax model that can be viewed/measured before creating the final jewel''. ( how is that for personal and bespoke?!)

Returning policies

''Suppose a jewel from the collection proposed on the site does not fit. In that case, there is the possibility of returning or replacing it within 15 days of purchase, unless made to measure. In the latter case, wax modeling is carried out first to fully satisfy the customer'' says Anna Rita. 

JoyItalianLuxury Jewelry online Italian shopping ring.14

Guarantees and gift wrapping of your online purchased jewelry.

Anna Rita: ''The jewel, accompanied by a certificate of guarantee, is shipped in an elegant packaging, handmade in Italy, and is completely customized according to the jewel it contains. Therefore it is ready to give as a gift!'' 

Joy offers a 24-month warranty on all jewels, as per consumer law. In this period, all breakages that occur on the product are repaired free of charge. In the event of breakages after 24 months, we carry out all repair/polishing/rhodium plating services for our customers with the exclusive coverage of out-of-pocket costs. Also, in this case, it is necessary to contact the customer care This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

JoyItalianLuxury ships jewelry all over the world. Don't hesitate to discover how!  

What else would you like to share about your company?

''Receiving an order from one of our customers is always a great emotion for us at JIL. The first thing we do in case of customizing the jewel is to contact the customer to interpret his desire and activate the designer and the goldsmith master. The next step is the co-design study with the customer, the main subject of the project, to create a quotation. If the customer approves the quotation, the second phase is activated with the customer's direct experience and steps to create their jewel through videos and photos.

JoyItalianLuxury Jewelry online Italian shopping ring.15

Based on the customer's request, JIL identifies in its supply chain of Italian artisans of excellence the most suitable goldsmith master to develop the type of jewel requested. This is the great advantage of relying on JIL!''.

 The delivery time changes according to the complexity of processing the jewel, ranging from 7 days to 30 working days. Keep in mind that the transport days must be added. It should be borne in mind that periods such as the month before CHRISTMAS and EASTER are periods of high load, and it could generate a few days of delay. Also, in Italy, the goldsmiths do not work in August for the summer closure.''


For me, it's a combination of things really. Online jewelry shopping has a great future, but unlike say a book or a kitchen appliance, it's far more personal and emotional as a purchase. Trust, value, story, and touch all come together. And that last thing is of course what lacks in online shopping. Therefore it needs a different approach. And in my opinion, JoyItalianLuxury understands this more than many other companies offering jewelry online. Her distinctive choice for the Valenza community of goldsmiths and artisans of all stages of jewelry making is a very clever one.

JoyItalianLuxury Jewelry online Italian shopping ring.12

Co-creation is the new magic word and putting the customer and not the product in the first place because THAT is what she does, is what makes her ready for the upcoming future. I like how she wants to involve the artisans in the project. Here is a company that doesn't shout, but rather: shows how inclusive and communicative it wants to be. She does not do it alone, she does it with all these wonderful skilled people that deserve that kind of acknowledgment. Anna Rita is incredibly sensitive and smart. She will do everything for her customers, I know that! Authentic, involved, relevant, and making it all about celebrating craftsmanship and customer experience. 

I highly recommend JoyItalianLuxury for your next jewelry acquisition journey!


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