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Djula jewelry is a French line launched by Alexander Corrot. It caught my eye because of their advertising campaigns. Somehow I feel attracted to the light playful way of showing jewelry that is almost never very bold. The delicate style, feels a little bit like tattoo or second skin.


Djula loves plenty of rings on a finger

I have always preferred to wear just one ring per hand. I love the way it makes the ring stand out and usually my rings aren’t very modest in style.  But when I look at the people around me that wear jewelry, they wear mostly all the rings they have together. One of the reasons is that every ring has some significance to them. Or…they just like it this way.


Cool bling

Some like to show off what they have and others play with the bling :-) Djula seems kind of cool. And it does have some very stylish items like the rings that you can wear on the whole finger. Something I immediately liked.


Where can you find it?

You can find Djula in the boutiques in Paris or through the dealers that are mentioned on their website. Should you dare to order online, they have a complete catalogue available online and you can order directly at the company. I am not always a fan of ordering jewelry online. Even if I would like to add it to the blog one day! :-)) It is not an inexpensive line of jewelry and you might want to see it on before you buy it. But, as my friend told me…it is possible you went to Paris f.e. and tried on one of the rings. You fell in love, but didn’t buy it and should you regret that, it is just lovely to be able to buy it online! So...... there you go….:-)



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