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Stephen Webster really inspires me always. As soon as I start to browse through his collections and pictures I feel almost how vibrant this company and its owner is! Today I share with you a few photo's that I think you might love too!

stephen webster
The Magnipheasant Multi-Color Collar is constructed in 18ct White Gold and set with Black Diamond pavé, Citrine, Amethyst, Rhodolite, Red Garnet, Blue Topaz, Peridot and Iolite.

This collection is so colorful! In November, the month I used to really hate ( I don't like to use that word often, but it felt always so depressing) and have come to love, I feel a longing for warmth and color and being cosy. This collection of Stephen Webster just makes me smile and I absorb the color and the vibrant energy with my eyes. It moves something in me....can it be that looking at such a beautiful piece can really brighten your day? :-))

Stephen Webster bracelet

Well, I just hope that I have made your day a little brighter too.

Stephen webster jewellery Earrings

Enjoy this November thursday with the joy of Stephen Webster.

Stephen webster jewelry

The man himself!



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