French Jewelry at its best: Boucheron Animalier Jewelry Collection

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When Frédérique Boucheron opened his first boutique in Galerie de Valois in Paris in 1858, he couldn’t have imagined that 160 years later his name would still be connected to luxury and jewelry. Over the years, the company presented more than a few fabulous pieces of jewelry. The animalier collection has been presented a few years ago and of course; it is absolutely stunning. Today on Bizzita, we celebrate the Maison and one of my personal favorite collections.

Which animal is your spirit animal?

Boucheon Parrot Ring

The Boucheron company has a very rich history. Today it’s part of Kering, together with Pomellato and is run by the former Cartier jewelry business developer Hélène Poulit-Duquesne since 2015. Boucheron was the first jeweler on the Place Vendȏme in Paris, known today as the place where all the famous Maisons are to be found. When Hélène started it was her mission to allow the company to grow. For anyone who would think that the jewelry market is too crowded, she says that only 15% is branded and therefore there is room to grow for brands.

BoucheronFalcon Ring Jewelry

Why I love this Boucheron Jewelry collection

What I love about this particular collection is, first of all, the theme; Animalier. And although it is all the same theme, the animals seem almost to have been created by different designers. Every piece is original and has its own style. Some more styled, some more realistic, some more part of a scenery.

Boucheron Jungle 800x450 v3

Look at the parrots on that ring for example. Lovebirds, captured in the way that every aviary lover will recognize immediately. Or those elegant deer, with their eyes big and bright. the Panda’s are simply too cute ( the photos of the real panda’s are actually taken near my own house, I live 5 minutes walking from a big Zoo) ...Every piece deserves all the attention and that’s what I wanted to share today with you.

Boucheron is high-end jewelry

Although Maison Boucheron has some more affordable pieces of jewelry, be prepared that most of this famous jewelry house is in the high-end to the very high-end range. The clientele of this company is often well-educated and are familiar with buying jewelry not just for the pure emotion of it, but also for the investment value it has.

That sounds less romantic, but nonetheless, a very valid reason to buy high-end jewelry. Boucheron….simply magnificent.

Boucheron Watches Jewelry

Boucheron Chameleon Ring Earring Blog animalier

Boucheron Deer Ring

Boucheron Flamengo Jewelry animalier blog

Boucheron Hedgehog Jewelry Blog

Boucheron Horses Ring

Boucheron Panda

Boucheron Polar Bear Brooch blog

Boucheron Snake Jewelry

Boucheron turtle Jewelry ring animalier

Boucheron Swan Jewelry ringpendantnecklaceBangle



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