Haute Couture in the jewelry business: De Grisogono

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De Grisogono may not be as famous as Cartier to most of you, but it is very much worth taking a look at what beautiful jewelry this company produces. They don't follow trends, but were responsabile for the big trend in black diamonds that started some years ago.

In the interview Fawaz Grousi explains how he rolled into the world of high end jewelry and how it made sense to him to start his very own company. 

DeGrisogono Haute Couture jewelry2

De Grisogono jewelry is seriously stunning

As seen so many times, there were people who did not believe in his dreams and sure enough, he bought them out. In hindsight, it is always to point a finger and say that success was inevatible or that of course he made it. But the reality is different and the road to success is rarely without bumps. 

DeGrisogono Haute Couture jewelry1

Sheer Perfection

De Grisogono produces high end jewelry. I often published the more funnier pieces that I love so much, but here are some very seriously stunning pieces to admire and they are sheer perfection.

DeGrisogono Haute Couture jewelry



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