Here is some seriously sparkling jewelry to delight you this season!

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The holiday season is here and sparkle and bling are just everywhere. You can wear your most beautiful and most enchanting sparkling jewelry in this season of lights and hope. Here are some seriously beautiful and incredible pieces of jewelry, to delight you, inspire you and to bring some extra glittery shine to your festive days.

Vhernier jewelry gemstones

Vhernier Bracelets and earrings. The earrings above are called Goccia and contain Mother of Pearl and Sugilite. The Palloncini earrings (Balloons) are in yellow agate, cornelia, crysprase, mother of pearl, coral and turquoise. 

Vhernier sparkles with sleek design

Carlo Traglio is today the chairman of Vhernier and much to my delight, Vhernier has continued to pursue the type of jewelry and design, for which they have become famous for in the first place. The company was born in Valenza and has today 10 own boutiques plus a number of stores where you can admire their collections. For the delight of the true fan, they have developed a line of bags too. Vhernier jewelry has an almost architectural look, contemporary, yet still very soft and sleek. I am and always have been, a great fan.

Vhernier ringsjewelry

Vhernier Flower Rings with pink spinel and diamonds, green tsavorite and diamonds and blu tanazanite

Scavia delights with uber eclecticism

Scavia jewelry has been established since 1911. This Italian jewelry brand has been continued by daughter Sara and grandson Fulvio Maria Scavia. What you should know is that Fulvio Maria, today 67 years old, won 1st, 2nd and 3th prize at only 17 years old! at the De Beers contest: Diamonds Today. He grew up, the old fashioned way, where you weren’t complimented as much for your achievements, but instead heard things like: nice, but tomorrow you might do even better. A strong contrast with today’s approach, according to Fulvio Maria, where every designer seems to be a genius.


Scavia Ring with Star sapphire, one of my favorite stones, weighing 8.20ct and diamonds 2.43ct Price: €40.500,- Ring Mousse Sapphire, containing diamonds 2.47ct, blue sapphires 6.22ct and priced at €25.600,- and the Paso Doble Cuore Ring-retail price: €7.450,-

He might be right, the balance is perhaps somewhere in the middle. I have met Fulvio Maria, many years ago, when much younger myself and wondering if I would be able to sell this kind of jewelry to either the public or stores. I found myself leaving the office impressed and convinced that it was too early for me, to be able to find the right kind of clients. The jewelry is beautiful, very artistic and innovative in design. As I try to find words to describe it, words like uber eclectic spring to my mind. And I happen to adore eclecticism…

 Scaviajewelryrings earrings

Scavia Ring with Flower called Fiorina in white gold, diamonds 1.19ct, tanzanite 3.85ct, flower is in pink shell and pink sapphires 0.56ct Price: €21.600,- Ring Magia Verde (Magic Green) containing an emerald of 1.17ct and diamonds 0.22ct Price: €12.150,- Earrings with diamonds and micro pearls. Diamonds 8.25ct. Price: €86.400,-

Buccellati brings us serious grown up sparkle

The story of Buccellati starts in 1919 with the opening of the store in Milan. Buccellati is most known for its craftsmanship and very distinctive style. Rigato engraved, they call it. And it is so soft and so beautiful. They also are known for their lace effect in bracelets and so forth. Which makes it look almost like a fabric, rather than made in precious metal. The name and fame of the company has spread all over the globe, which was always the intention as in early days, they already expanded to the U.S. Buccellati appeals to my longing for timeless beauty. For serious grown up, yet delicate and beautiful jewelry.


Buccellati Earrings Teodolinda with carved drop rubies, diamonds and sapphires Price: €70.000,-  Earrings Tempesta a Belle-Île containing Paraibi tourmaline Price: 350.000,- and Earrings Pavone (Peacock) with sapphires and diamonds Price: €105.000,-


Buccellati braceletsjewelry

Buccellati Bracelets: Schedir named after the brighest star of the Cassiopea constellation in gold and diamonds: €185.000,- Bracelet with lace effect: Caterina. Price: €360.000,- and Bracciale Firenze (Florence) retailing at €260.000,-

Buccellati Jewelry Brooch pearl

Buccellati Brooches in pearl, diamonds and gold. The monkey retails at €49.000,- the other two or P.O.A.


de Grisogono brings us joy with glittering glam

Fawaz Gruosi, founding father of the de Grisogono family is no stranger to some sparkle and glamour of his own. Multi cultural background and an amazing vision about what a jewelry brand can look like, he pointed the direction of the company towards lots of publicity. But it is never *hollow*. There are brands that are hyped. There are brands that put everything into promotion and marketing, but put some pretty standard and non exciting jewelry out there and then there is de Grisogono. The picture is perfect, the jewelry is beautiful, daring, audacious, bold and extremely glamorous. This is not for the shy and introverts, although I appear to be the latter myself, I would proudly know how to wear their dazzling pieces. Perhaps it is age ;-) but I do love seriously sparkling and amazing jewelry.

 deGrisogono ring folies Snake

The Folies Collection by de Grisogono, created for the 28th edition of the Biennale des Antiquaires

DeGrisgonoFolies necklace ringearring

de Grisogono, magnificent high end jewelry from their latest collection Folies 


Rings by de Grisgono from the aforementioned collection

A sparkling season to you, my dearest readers!

Everything shown here today is, of course, comes with a price. It’s not for everybody’s wallet and certainly not for mine. But I love, no...I adore and appreciate the efforts made by jewelry brands and designers, to delight us. It’s not true that it is just much easier, to create this type of jewelry, when budget isn’t a problem. None of the jewelry features here is, in my opinion, just showing off wealth. It is refined and delicate, intriguing and daring, but never tacky or showing plain bad taste. And that, my dearest readers, is what separates the good from the great.


May your days be merry and bright. May you bathe in warmth and delight. May your friends and loved ones be close and may peace and serenity be yours.


DeGrisgono folies jewelry ring

de Grisogono 

Buccellati Ghianda Set

Buccellati: the Ghianda set with diamonds and Tahitian pearls

Buccellati Collana Somone

Buccellati Soffione Necklace, price: €420.000,-

Buccellati Parure Arlecchino

Buccellati complete set Arlecchino retails at €800.000,-


Some more sparkling gadgets!

Buccellatisilver rigatoanimal

Buccellati silver pieces. The baby duck is 6.7cm high and costs €1600,- momma duck is 21.7cm high and the adorable Schnauzer retails at €5.200 whilst measuring 13.5cm

Buccellati Ipad iPhoneCover gold diamonds

Over the top? You'll be the judge of that, but these iPad and iPhone cover are handmade in 18ct gold, containing diamonds. Prices: €485.000,- and €208.000,-


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  • Sophi


    • 23 December 2016 at 15:32
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    Wow! They are all amazing!I agree completely with you!? You're really wise!?


    • Esther Ligthart

      Esther Ligthart

      • 23 December 2016 at 16:11
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      Thanks Sophi and may I wish you a very merry Christmas?! Buon Natale! :-)


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