Horse Pens, Objects of Art Created By Urso Luxury earliest obsession and still today one of my favorite animals. Proud, beautiful, graceful and strong. We owe them so much! Horses are therefore often captured into art, like this small but exquisite company does: Urso Luxury


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When I was young...

When I was young, I sat in the back of my parents car with my sister Daphne. One of the things we did to kill time, was to make imaginary pictures of all the horses we saw in the fields. Mind you, we are talking about the seventies now, no camera phones there! Click click, we said and held our hands, like if holding a camera, in front of our eyes…..


Then there is also the kind of awkward story of my teacher. One night he visited my parents home to express his vivid concerns about me. He thought I had convinced myself that I, indeed, was a horse myself. The fact that I liked to trot or gallop, instead of running, might have had something to do with that. Whinnying whilst doing that, might not have helped either perhaps…;-)


Horses in art...

Horses are these incredible creatures. They fascinate me still today and I adore their grace, their beauty, their history so intertwined with ours. No animal has served men more than the horse. And it breaks my heart literally, when I see how we often treat them too.


The object of my affection has been the inspiration for many of my drawings as a child, but then again, this object always has been a favorite with many painters and sculptors alike. Even in jewelry, we see some stunning examples of designers trying to catch the essence of the horse, in such a small object that needs to be wearable, artistically beautiful and anatomically right.

Urso Luxury Gold pen


Capturing a horse's essence...

Now, imagine capturing that in a pen. Urso Luxury has developed somewhat of a tradition now, to capture animals into their pens. Always with a meaning, always trying to marry those elements of capturing the essence of the animal and getting it completely anatomically right, yet still pleasant to hold in one's hand and comfortable to write with.


The craftsmanship that it takes to do that is what captured my attention at the first place. And I was thrilled to speak with Giuseppe about this and learn is honest admiration for the noble horse. But also, how he acknowledged, passionately I might say, how important the horse has been to mankind. Capturing its essence into his designs has been like paying a tribute to this magnificent creature.That touched me.

 Urso Luxury pen Horse


Who would buy a pen like this?

Who would buy such a pen? I can’t help myself, I always wonder, at the same time I admire a piece, about the clients, about how people in a store would perceive it. Whether it’s jewelry or in this case; pens. It’s stunning, yet extravagant. Extremely luxurious and completely unnecessary, as perhaps one can say about all art. You can write with a simpler pen.... But then it hit me, this is a pen, for the female that loves to be reminded about her love for horses in a very subtle way. Not everyone likes to wear jewelry. Not everyone likes to wear extravagant jewelry, but a pen is such a stunning object of art, that can be put on a desk and remind you constantly about its beauty and yet, you can hold it in your hand and lovingly use it to write with. That makes it perhaps a more personal piece of art than say; a painting.

Urso Luxury pen horse rose gold

Or the man that loves to work with horses, owns them, or just admires them for what they represent. He too, might love to see a piece of art on his desk, that he can write with, should he need to do so. Because these pens are heirlooms for generations to come….These are the clients, the people, who would buy a pen like this.


Native Americans

Native Americans stated that the symbolic meanings of the horse comes with the understanding that the wild freedom of the Horse can be harnessed and used to the benefit of the tribe. This understanding comes only when man and beast enter a silent contract: acknowledging mutual respect and awareness of responsibility to each other.

Urso Luxury Fountain pensilverHorse


More information:

There are several versions of the gorgeous writing instrument, either in gold or silver, rollerball or fountain pen. The most luxurious one has diamonds all over the head of the horses! Passion, beauty and practical use, they all come together in the handmade objects of art, created by Urso Luxury. Handmade in the hills of Piemonte, Italy. For more information:



 More on Urso Luxury:

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