House of Eléonore, a very new concept in jewelry!

I recently wrote an article about Fair trade jewelry for a Benelux trade magazine called Jewels & Watches Info. It was, by far, the most intense article that I ever wrote. I found it not only very hard to see how many things are still wrong today at the bottom of the chain. But also, what is Fair trade, what does it mean when you talk about gold. When I heard about a start-up that wanted to be transparent from the source to the store, I was intrigued. Read more about House of Eléonore.

It was somewhere in November, I think, that I read something about a start-up in jewelry. Here in the Netherlands, so that was exciting enough, but I was especially intrigued because rumour was that Royal Asscher, world wide famous diamond house of Amsterdam that even has a diamond with its own cut, was backing this project.

House of Eleonore fair trade jewels



I quickly came in contact with one of the founders, a young and enthusiastic entrepreneur. Funny detail; his roots are 5 km from my house, where his father owns a optician store. Bernd Damme is only 25 years old, but already made his name with an online sunglasses shop and a fashion brand. A serious serial entrepreneur.

House of eleonore Bernd Damme


Bernd has a one dream with the House of Eléonore and that is to create a jewelry house that is really sustainable and makes luxury accessible. How will they do this? House of Eléonore wants to go further than just presenting a beautiful collection, they say. They are aiming to present the future clients with a new and unique buying experience. Through private events, an online boutique that includes a congierce service and a concept store in Amsterdam.

House of Eleonore Fairtrade gold


Amsterdam is still famous for its history and diamonds, all over the world. We think it is the right place for something as exciting and new, that combines the historic craftsmanship of our capital with our innovative approach to this business.

House of Eleonore Royal asscher


House of Eléonore will be the first jeweler to work exclusively with non mined diamonds ( grown in laboratories, with all the same characteristics of the natural ones) and with Fair trade gold only. This is worth our attention as I think it is brave and bold and very much in tune with what the public will demand tomorrow.

House of Eleonore jewelry

House of Eléonore aims to go live in June. But as innovative as the concept is, so is the their project to get more investors. Here is how you can participate in House of Eléonore. The Kickstart project is online and you can invest anything from €5,- to €4999,-

Look for all the details here

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