Jewelry by Daniela Villegas, stunning creatures and creations!

Daniela Villegas is a discovery. Her jewelry is truly something else. Her love for the natural world, in particular: the animal world, is featured in almost all of her designs. I spoke with her in these days, about her love for beetles and other animals. And I’ll share with you, why I love her jewelry so very much. 

Daniela VillegasJewelryblog Creations BizzitaTalismannatureBeetleringGreenThree

The adaptable Rings (A new concept that is made of a more classic ring surrounded by a magical beetle jacket)

The first time I saw a piece of Daniela Villegas' jewelry was mesmerizing. Just imagine how much jewelry I have seen in 25 years in the industry. There are a few designers around that make your jaw drop every time, but sometimes there are these hidden gems that have created their very own niche. 

The World of Beetles

But first, let me take you just for a moment into the world of beetles. Although Daniela's work is hardly just about beetles, these creations - in my eyes - are her signature pieces.  Straight from the book, Daniela and I, funny enough, both shared: "One out of every five species of plants and animals is a beetle." 

Isn't that just a mind-blowing fact? We have identified 400.000 species, but experts think that there are millions yet to discover. Charles Darwin said, "if beetles had the size of a horse or dog, it would be one of the most imposing animals in the world." 

Daniea VillegasJewelryblog Creations BizzitaTalismannature.Beetlesearrings

Alined earrings -engaging into a new reality

I bought the book about beetles during the lockdown. When I was young, I loved to know all the breeds of horses, dogs, birds, cats, and so on. My son has the same obsession ( although a slightly different object: supercars), and we both love to draw. Actually, drawing together is our time to catch up. He tells me so much more when we draw together, and I cherish these moments. Hence why this particular book is now part of my book collection ;-)

During the pandemic, thoughts about how everything is connected and intertwined kept coming up in my mind. Every action has a reaction. When I feel I am part of nature, I will naturally want to protect it and cherish it. If I don't feel that connection, I will act accordingly and treat it as something that serves me sometimes and can be discarded at other times.

Daniela VillegasJewelryblog Creations BizzitaTalismannature

Penacho Earrings from the Chromatic Paradise, inspired by the Aztecs from Mexico

It was during these reflections that a mail from Daniela popped up. She stood out of the many emails I ( and I am sure you too) received during the first weeks of lockdowns. She just checked in, trying to send a positive note and there was no call to action, she sold nothing, she didn't pitch anything.  I wrote her back, and we exchanged books we loved and pictures of children :-)  In one of these emails, I asked her about her jewelry and why and how she looks at insects. Here is part of that conversation. 

Daniela Villegas tells more about her love for insects, animals, and jewelry

What do you see when you look at insects? 

Daniela: I see a world full of color and details. They bring me joy and bring a sense of curiosity to discover more of what is around us.

Daniela VillegasJewelryblog Creations BizzitaTalismannatureBeetlering

Flower Beetle Romancing the Stone

What would you tell people who are amazed that you design ''creepy'' creatures? Insects are known for making people feeling uneasy.

Daniela: Insects are the critical link between plants and animals. From the first Arthropodea that emerged from the sea over millions of years, insects coevolved the Earth's Earth's flora the help create the world as we know it.  Insects are millennia evolving specie (we need to learn so much of them, especially now with what is happening right now, their adaptability and flexibility as species are more relevant than ever). 

The insects have so many beautiful symbolism. They are part of a unique and wonderful mini world.

Did you create or plan to do so, other creatures too? 

Daniela: I have other creatures such as crabs, fishes, turtles, rhinos, chameleons, birds, octopus, squids, porcupines, among others. 

Daniela VillegasJewelryblog Creations BizzitaTalismannatureChameleon ring.2

What do you know about the people who buy your jewelry? Do they buy it as a novelty or love the whole idea of a beautiful creature, treasuring nature? 

Daniela: I feel the connection with both concepts. When you are buying jewelry, you are looking for a deeper connection. I believe in talismanic jewelry and how these pieces hold emotions and are a magnet for abundance. That is why, for me, it is imperative to create pieces that have a soul, symbolism, and story behind each piece.   I want the client to add knowledge and emotion to their pieces. I'd like them to make them their own, a magnet for their own beautiful memories to create a compelling and protective piece. 

What is that you would like to share with me and the readers about your vision, your world, your life, values, and or inspiration?

Daniela: That each piece that I create in the studio is made with love and a specific intention and symbolism. To describe my brand in a few words, I will say that it is inspired by Mother Nature, has a vision for originality and craftsmanship with a sense of playfulness and magic. 

Daniela VillegasJewelryblog Creations BizzitaTalismannatureBeetlering.RED

Flower Beetles Ring the Escarlata

Why I love Daniela Villegas' jewelry

For me, Daniela presses every button. She triggers my love for the natural world, and she combines her passion with the capacity to translate that passion into jewelry. I have a profound love for people who look at life with love for nature. I love that they distract their gratitude, joy, and admiration for walking on this planet, from observations, insights, and reflections. 

Daniela Villegas Esther ligthart VicenzaOro Jewelry Beetle necklace Pendant

Photos were taken by Esther Ligthart at the VicenzaOro show 2017

Talisman and symbolism


Daniela VillegasJewelryblog Creations BizzitaTalismannatureBeetleringThree

The adaptable Rings (A new concept that is made of a more classic ring surrounded by a magical beetle jacket)

But I hear you too! You might think: that's all very fine, but it's too much for my taste. And that's ok. But before you think this is a little too eclectic, just allow me to kindly remind you that jewelry has always been about adorning and symbolism. Talisman jewelry has been around since the very beginning. And our connection with the natural world and the spiritual world plays a crucial part in jewelry history. Even today, most of our jewelry has a connection with something we treasure. If you think about it like this, a piece of jewelry from Daniela's collection is still exotic, but not as odd as you perhaps initially thought. 

Daniela VillegasJewelryblog Creations BizzitaTalismannatureBeetleearring

Khepri Sand

Jewelry always starts in the mind of the designer.  However: once in your hands, it's up to you to attach your values and love to it. It's your treasure. 

Daniela Villegas is based in Los Angeles. You can find more about her on her own website! 

Daniela VillegasJewelryblog Creations BizzitaTalismannatureBeetleringMiultiColorThree

Daniella Villegas jewelryBizzitaInsectstalisman

The Guest House (inspired by my favorite poem. Written by Rumi)

Daniela VillegasJewelryblog Creations BizzitaTalismannatureChameleon ring

La Explorada - chameleon rings. A symbol of flexibility and adaptability according to Daniela Villegas

- Chameleons (that is one of my favorite animals lately).  A symbol of flexibility and adaptability.
- Our signature "Flower Beetles" (Scarlet and Romancing the stone)
- The Guest House (inspired by my favorite poem. Written by Rumi)
-The adaptable Rings (A new concept that is made of a more classic ring surrounded by a magical beetle jacket)
- Alined earrings (engaging into a new reality)


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