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Talented young or not so young designers that aren't as famous as the big names, but should get a place in the spotlight; welcome! Bizzita invites you to send us your photos and story and tell us what we should know about you and your jewelry! We will choose the best ones and once a month, allow them to shine on and get shared on LinkedIn with 30.000 jewelry connections worldwide!

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Dear young and not so young jewelry designers

We always get a lot of emails to ''check out'' a certain website or brand. It's lovely, but also time-consuming and usually I have to go through it quickly. Yet, I feel that it's time to give you a platform, to push those who try to make a name for themselves. I admire you because I know one thing: it's not easy to stand out. It's not easy to make a living with jewelry, especially when you are not known (or not known enough)

The challenges are huge and it takes a lot of patience, believing in your dreams and commitment. But it can also be so rewarding, to see your finished pieces in a gallery, show or even better; a store. So Bizzita steps up and wants to help you a little! :-)


My background in jewelry is a commercial one. I love jewelry, but I always look for commercial value. Is it wearable, do you have a clear vision for whom you create? Do you have a mission, vision or USP such as working in a sustainable way? Do you have a value? Is your brand also purpose-driven or?


Should you get picked and featured on the blog, you are part of the Bizzita family ;-) I will do my best to get the attention of those that potentially might be the people you need to buy your jewelry. As Bizzita, I work daily as a consultancy company for retailers and jewelry companies. 

How to get in contact?

Send your photos, your ideas, your vision and whatever you think we should know about you, but keep it short. Stand out in presentation or personal touch ;-) Pitch me your passion and who might get featured and shared with a worldwide audience. Send your emails to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Young Jewelry Designers get featured


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