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The first words that spring to mind when observing our Jewelry Discovery of the Day: Jacquie Aiche are 'boho chic jewelry'. Her style is relaxed, sensual, and spiritual Much like the designer herself.

Jacquie Aiche spiritual, sensual jewelry

Jacqui describes herself as the product of Egyptian and American-Indian culture. That is an impressive mix of cultures and obviously, it shows in her work. She says that she worked in a boutique, but could not find the jewelry to match the clothes and the style. 


Much of the boho jewelry style is fashion jewelry rather than fine jewelry, so I understand that this is her why, her reason, her spark to start developing jewelry herself. 

Handmade jewelry from L.A.

The minerals and the crystals are hand-selected and the jewelry is made in L.A. itself. Jacquie is known for her style and is creating a fan base that many jewelry brands will be jealous of. Her jewelry is spiritual, fun, cool, and contains many amulets and talisman pieces. The sensual photography of the jewelry tries to reflect the inner sensuality of women that she loves to show and she tries to empower women who love her jewelry by expressing themselves. 


Here is what I love about Jacquie Aiche Jewelry

This kind of jewelry is very personal. As presented and suggested through the photography, Jacquie encourages you to make it personal and less precious in the sense of wearing just that one significant piece of jewelry. It’s through combining pieces that you get that laid-back style. 


Jacquie clearly is a fan of the idea of crystals having healing and energizing properties. Personally, I am not a fan of this vague concept. But I do believe that jewelry is about symbolism. And certain stones are connected to a meaning that we have given it. So if a certain crystal has a meaning of rebirth, happiness, strength, etc, and that’s an idea you love ( I know I do) it is wonderful to go for that stone. Also, it is a great idea to use symbolism to create your own story or to buy a meaningful gift for someone you love. 

Dreaming of being a successful jewelry designer yourself?


JacquieAicheJewelryDiscoveryBlogBizzitaRing. anklet turqoise4

The jewelry appears to be made all in 14kt gold and although in jewelry terms, Jacquie Aiche is mid-price fine jewelry perhaps, it certainly isn’t cheap. But then again, this is the place to find body jewelry to wear around your breasts and belly. With diamonds! The vibe that I get of her jewelry, and for me it is an important thing, is consistency. Jacquie Aiche is a woman that has made a very clear choice, and to be that is a sign of a person who has no doubt of showing who she is. She knows herself, she is free and she shares that style in her design. 

Ps. Are you a jewelry designer or would you like to recommend someone? Don't hesitate and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

















Ps. Are you a jewelry designer or would you like to recommend someone? Don't hesitate and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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