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We love to keep you informed about what is happening in jewelry and have created a mix of various highlights in jewelry of the past few days. Discover why the Supreme Court of Philippines is giving its approval to auction the jewelry collection of Imelda Marcos, valued at an estimated 21 million dollars! See the latest addition to the Lydia Courteille jewelry collection and discover what Mya and Emily DiDonato wore on the red carpet. We also feature the stunning black mother of pearl jewelry by Belle Etoile as we truly love it!

Sahara Collection Lydia Courteille

Jewelry Auction Imelda Marcos

Imelda Marcos and her daughter Irene Marcos-Araneta, have tried to block the auction of Imelda’s jewelry but it was dismissed by the Supreme Court of the Philippines as it stated: the jewelry was part of an ill-gotten wealth collected by the family. The legitimate income of the family, was around 300.000 dollars between 1966 and 1986, which of course, explains, why the Court has come to this decision. The estimated value of the jewelry is 21 million dollars.

imelda marcos jewelry will go to auction




Mya, one of the Grammy Nominees, wore L’Dezen jewelry by Payal Shah. Emily DiDonato, model, wore Le Vian yellow diamond earrings to the 19th Annual amfAR, the foundation of Aids Research,  New York Gala.  We loved these women and the pictures and although we know that they usually do not own the jewelry they show, celebrities do make such great models for showing off jewelry, the glamorous way!

LeVian Emily DiDonato

Belle Etoille

The Black Sirena collection is the newest version of the Sirena collection. Already a gorgeous collection, but don’t you find the black version even more alluring? We are in love!

Belle Etoile Black Sirena collection


Lydia Courteille

The press release reads: ''the Sahara collection brings us to the universe made of glittering sandy dunes and midnight blue skies''...

Sometimes press releases are full of poetic language, which not always finds the way to my heart. But I think here it is just a perfect description! The combination of colors is awesome and very captivating. I may be in love with the animal collection of Lydia, but I do think this collection is wonderful.

Lydia Courteille jewelry ring Sahara


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