Jewelry that promises spring! Morphée Joaillerie, Les Fleurs du Cerisier

It's only January, I know, but like most of you I already long for spring time! I am looking at those buds in the trees in my garden and just can't wait to greet them! Spring might still take some time to arrive in this part of the world, but we can always enjoy art, photographs! The jewelry we wear often relates to things we cherish. In this case:...the promise of spring!

Morphée video's are all about poetry. They tell a story that engages you and shows you the beauty in life. Small moments, significant moments that we all like to capture. Morphée Joaillerie captures those moments with her jewelry.

Morphèe Joaillerie is founded by Pamela Hastry. In all honesty, she has invited me to come to Paris and visit her and see her pieces. And I certainly will do this, but haven't done it yet! We have had some lovely conversations and I think she is not only very beautiful but also elegant and has a delightful charme and modesty. 

Morphée jewelry

Pamela Hastry is such a wonderful designer! I love this collection, but all her jewelry is really yummm.. She proposes flowers and frogs and birds and stars. How can one not love that! :-)

Morphée Joaillerie

If you like to visit Morphée Joaillerie's website you can find her here.  And if you are so lucky that you can buy a piece of her jewelry, then you might go for a piece of her limited editions or even a custom made piece of jewelry. As Pamela says: she should have been a fairy but became a dream maker. I am very sure she can make your jewelry dream come true.

ps: in my eyes you ARE a fairy, Pamela :-))))





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