John Hardy, famous jewelry brand from Bali, Celebrates 40th anniversary

| Esther Ligthart | Brands & Designers

To celebrate their 40th anniversary, John Hardy aimed to honor their most iconic collection of bracelets. 

These are the 4 options of the Classic Chain collection, which celebrates the work of the artisans of John Hardy at Bali.

John Hardy 40th 001

Only 4 made

 The 18K Gold Diamond Pave Classic Chain Bracelet features 634 hand-cut diamonds, which takes over nine days to create, is the fullest expression of ultimate beauty. Price: 29.000,- USD

John Hardy 40th.jpg2


Only 40 Made

The 18K Classic Chain Bracelet with Diamond Pave Clasp is engraved with a unique identification number, marking its exclusivity. Price: 19.500,- USD


John Hardy 40th.3

400 Made

The Silver Classic Chain Bracelet features 24 gemstones that are delicately hand–set and skillfully hand-woven over the course of four days. Price: 1250,- USD

John Hardy 40th.jpg4

4000 Made

The Silver Lava Classic Chain Bracelet is adorned with an array of colored, semi-precious gemstones. Price: 340,-USD


John Hardy 40th1


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