Ladies of Jewelry

Four ladies, four very different stories, four different approaches in design...come and meet these lovely women!


Rebecca Koven

Rebecca KovenRing


This Canadian born lady works from New York City today. She has a studied art restoration and art history and worked for Sotheby’s. She is a designer that works in her very own way. She makes the sketches and carves pieces of the elements of her ideas in wax. She then ships those to various craftsmen all over the globe. This is why you’ll see such a variety of designs and looks within her collection.

Rebecca Koven Buttercup Ring

An 18kt yellow gold buttercup ring composed of four buttercups. Each buttercup is set with clusters of 18kt yellow gold pistons and rhodium plated sterling silver beads.


Fauna and Flora are her main inspiration and I love her designs. I am not the only one, she has worked with many celebrities on the red carpet. Her work is rather exclusive and can be found in some selected boutiques around the world.

RebeccaCoven necklace


''Looking at the collection of Rebecca, you can't help but feel almost like travelling around the globe; so many ideas and experiences!''



Deborah Liebman

Deborah Liebman jewelry

Multi-Strand Citrine and Garnet Ropes in Sterling Silver


It is a funny thing; when you look at the designs of jewelry, you generally paint a picture in your head of the kind of person that would have created this. Somehow, I find myself to guess that very well in Italy, but outside Italy...not so much ;-)

Deborah Liebman

Ammonite Pendant Necklace with Citrine, Garnet, and Bronze Fresh Water Pearls in Sterling Silver

Deborah creates one of kind pieces with large gemstones. She has taken that idea from sculpting large pieces at Haverford College. She layers colors and she learned that from painting at Bryn Mawr College. Her compositions like to tell a story, something she has taken from screenwriting. But she states that she got her eye for detail from her years as a lawyer on Wall Street. What a woman! Her jewelry caught my eye, because of the composition, originality, use of stones and the sheer size of the pieces.

''Deborah's designs are so bright and so bold, I can't help but see her as a happy bubbly and daring designer"

Deborah Liebman necklace


Labradorite pendant on a necklace with aquamarine, labradorite and Swiss topaz in sterling silver.



Luz Camino


This beautiful Spanish lady has designed some really amazing pieces of jewelry. I am deeply impressed by her designs, you learn and read more about it, it is her modesty that is so charming. In a world of showing off and selfie love, of people that like to call themselves the best designer, or the best jeweler of a country even, it is like a breath of fresh air, to find someone that is just nice and modest.

Luz Camino Rooster Brooch


Her designs are influenced mostly by nature, she spent many hours in her garden in Navarra and she loves to use precious and non precious materials. Her organic way of thinking shows once more, how she doesn’t limit herself. Almost like a balance game, using the very precious materials and techniques ánd use non precious materials is like life itself, the highs and lows create our lives. Not just the highs…

Luz Camino

Luz masters a very complex vitreous enamelling technique, called Plique-á-jour enamel.

"Luz' designs are incredible, when you start to really look close, even the most spoiled eyes can't help but remain enchanted!''


Diane Griswold Johnston

Diane Griswold Johnston Horse

Again a woman that just can’t be defined as only a designer or jeweler, Diane is a speech therapist. And she is also an enthusiastic show jumper. An equestrian talent, with a deep love for animals and horses. She created a whimsical collection of jewelry with a very artistic look and feel about them. Wearable, yet unusual and charming.

Diane Griswold Johnston jewelry

Seven magnificently carved horse heads in black & white snowflake obsidian, mahogany obsidian and black obsidian (by master carver from Idar-Oberstein). Each individual horse head is set in hand crafted 18 karat yellow gold with gold mane design. Horse heads each. Gold links with six sets of pink sapphires (1.80cts) and diamond lobster clasp. Price around 22.000 dollars.

Her work has been sold to Laura Bush and Prince Charles. She has a healing nature, an interest that you will find in her choice of stones.

Diane Griswold Johnstonparrot

''Diane has created a wonderful whimsical world in which I happily look around!"



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