Laura Bicego, from Nanis Jewelry, has a dream...

Recently, Laura Bicego visited Amsterdam, whilst having a meet and greet at Ace & Dik jewelry store. I had the pleasure to interview Laura. The name Bicego reminds us of another famous Italian company, Laura was indeed born in a jewelry producing family, but today proudly owner of her own company: NANIS

nanis POMGRANATE Earrings


1. What can you tell us about your youth? Did you always dream to become a jewelry designer, or were there some other secret dreams too?

Always a jewelry designer yes, because I’m transforming jewelry into something more fashionable. I like to play a lot, so I am still working on it. You know jewelry and fashion, the two are strictly connected to me.

2. What has been the most interesting thing that you learned about yourself and about the business or your ‘mestiere?’

Experimenting with a lot of different techniques, and also different materials. There is always something to learn, you know. Really, between the engraving and the different textures, I really like to experiment and put together designs. I like to explore what else can be done. I want to explore a different technique, and I will never know if I don’t try. 

3. What was the most challenging part?

The most challenging part is to be able to communicate what is behind the jewelry. The passion that is behind it, all of the transformations, the quality, the engraving, all of the love that is behind it. That is the most challenging part. Nowadays, if you don’t find the right partner that is able to craft your vision, you don’t have the right appeal. That part is also challenging.

Nanis Jewelry Interview

4. You work together with your family, does this imply that work is still discussed about at the dinner table, or do you separate work and home strictly?

I try to keep work and family separate. If any work comes into my family, it will be to share and to get a second opinion. It isn’t really bringing a problem, but bringing a discussion, which I like. I like to hear a different point of view. My children, they give me a lot of advice in more than one way. I always do it my way in the end, but I like to have tips. A different point of view. I like to listen, a lot. I always consider what is being said. I don’t feel like I am always the right one. I almost think that there is something more you can learn which is always a plus.

5. What is your personal favorite piece and why?

I will say, I have many. If I had to pick, I would say the two Trasformistas. They really transform and they are my icons. I will never let them go.


Bizzita JewelryNanis X Ace Jewelers Event with Laura Bicego in Amsterdam

Laura Bicego; " I see a sprakle in their eyes, when they wear my jewelry''

6. I know that your design is a perfect match between the warm designs of the south and the cool sleekness of the North. What is, according to you, your biggest unique selling point?

That I am unique. There’s not a lot of other jewelry designers that take the matte brushed finish in their stride. Most other people like to make things as high polish as possible, but I embrace the matte and hand engraved texture. I think that also the versatility of my work, makes it kind of unique too.

nanis trasformista bracelet Bizzita

7. Ace & Dik is a beautiful store, and I know the family for a long time and I really think they are awesome. I am happy to see that they embrace your brand. How did you meet? What do you think about the store and perhaps even, about the family?

I think they are amazing. They really know about brands, and they really are challengers. They work as a team. They really fit and I am very happy. They have beautiful store, but more than just a beautiful store, they are really willing to take a chance to have and do something special. They also are really open to promote, but just promote a brand like Nanis, they truly bring out the real soul of a brand.

8. What is your dream for the future of your brand?

To be able to see as many women as possible with my jewelry. But especially, you know what attracts me most is when I do trunk shows and I see a woman before and after. Before she’s not wearing my piece of jewelry, and after she’s wearing my piece of jewelry. You see her sparkling eyes. She sees herself as beautiful, she is enlightened. It transforms her.

nanis dancing in the rain earrings Bizzita


Esther's personal pick:

 My personal favorite piece by Nanis has always been the Cachemire necklace and bracelet. So gorgeous!

cachemire 480 480 1


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