LeVian jewelry is out to conquer the world!

At the last trade fair in Vicenza in January I had the pleasure to meet the LeVian family. I was invited in their booth to meet them and get to know more about this famous American brand. But in all honesty, in Europe we tend to look more at European brands than American jewelry brands. And I wasn’t yet familiar with LeVian. So for me the pleasure was double, not only was mr. Eddie LeVian a true gentleman who knew how to tell a good story, but I also discovered a completely new brand ( to my eyes of course) and their way of selling jewelry. And I am always excited to get to know brands and their vision, jewelry and story!

VicenzaOro LeVian

VicenzaOro 2014. The LeVian booth

Huge company, excellent name

LeVian is one of the bigger jewelry companies in the U.S.A. and when I contacted some of my friends over there, they all talked with great affection about LeVian. This triggered me, as there was nothing to be gained for anyone expect their honest view and opinion. They must be doing something very right, was my thought.

LE Vian Bracelet

Stunning diamond bracelet in white gold

Everbody their own LeVian

LeVian has an enormous collection of jewelry and they just keep on producing and producing. Why? It dazzled me why they would want such a huge collection? ‘’Because we would like to think that women can have their very own LeVian without having their friends carrying the same ring too’’, said Mr Eddie LeVian in his softspoken voice. This is a sort of uniqueness that just adds more to the company.

Le Vian Pendant

Pendant with the famous Chocolat diamonds.


In the U.S it is normal to do trunk shows within big department stores. I have never actually been to one, but as I am told, it is a bit like a pop-up store within the store and the brand will bring a large collection of jewelry so that clients have the opportunity to choose from this wide variety of products. LeVian has an enormous amount of trunk shows each month and I can just imagine how big this company really must be.

Le Vian ring snake

I love snakes as a subject in jewelry, this one is really beautiful

LeVian; a favorite of the stars

Their PR office told me about the many stars, as did Mr. Eddie LeVian as well, that have embraced LeVian and will carry their favorite pieces on the red carpet moments, but also when they just go out for shopping. It is fun to see how many celebs love this beautiful company.


Just some of the famous names that adore wearing LeVian; Rihanna, Shakira, Halle Berry, Sarah Hyland and Jennifer Lopez


500 years of jewelry history

The company is has a founder;  Mr. Abdulrahim Ephraim LeVian and it is easy to just see how much they care about family when you read how affectionate they talk about him. He is, unfortunately no longer alive, but certainly not forgotten. Nor is their long history that goes back around 500 years!

I thought this piece is so striking! 

Elephant Le Vian

LeVian, expanding sales worldwide

Mr. Eddie LeVian told me that they are ready to spread their wonderful jewelry all over the world. And they are now working hard to get their name across in many other countries.

I think that this company has such a huge potential that for sure they will succeed in this. And they do deserve it! If you like to know more about the company you can find info here: www.levian.com

Eddie Le Vian Bizzita

Mr. Eddie LeVian


LeVian flowers ring


Le Vian Pendant Horse


Le Vian ring 2


Le Vian bracelet 2

Le Vian ring 4

Le Vian Snake ring2

Le Vian Bracelet 3


Le Vian diamond ring


Le Vian Earrings snake


LeVian Ring 8



 Le Vian earrings 2



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