Lydia Courteille tells fairy tales in Paris

Lydia Courteille is a beautiful French lady that has a small but very chique store right in the middle of Paris, at the Rue Saint-Honoré 231. It's a bit dark and mystic inside. And here you will find a treasue. Very exclusive and amazing designs, many born from antique pieces that people didn't want to wear anymore. She transforms and creates very outspoken pieces and of course, as a lover of bold, colourful, slightly extreme jewellery, I adore her! She tells fairy tales with her jewelry and I just am completely enchanted.



 Lydia-Courteille mouth

No Limits

Lydia bought and sold vintage jewellery. There are so many pieces that are maybe inherited and just lay around in someones closet. She says that she has never been formally trained as a designer but that this has also resulted in the fact that she feels no limits. Of course, the woman has a very good taste. And a natural talent.


Love the contrast!

I like to imagine a lady, classic dress or suit and then just one of these amazing rings on her finger. The contrast is enormous and I think that is thrilling. I would be completely intrigued! Exotic and exciting...

Opal with skeletons


Mexican culture of death

Lydia is fascinated by the Mexican culture and death. Lots of skulls and unexpected ways of using them in her designs. Death and sculls are an accepted in their culture although maybe for us still a little macabre?


Lydia Courteille Lizzard Broche

Or what do you think of this enormous spider? And the brooche with the lizzard snacking on a butterfly?

Sense of Magic

It is just all very different and it gives me that fairy tale feeling I so adore. I am surprised and I sense the magic. It's a bit like these enormous earring with hummingbirds just flew right out of *The Wizard of Oz* Or that pendant with that skull? Couldn't you imagine that in *Pirates of the Carribean*?

lydia courteille-delood-04

Sticking to her dream

Lydia is famous around the world for her designs. Still of course it remains a challenge to seduce people to her shop. It is so specific and so eclectic. But I admire her for sticking to her dream!








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