Mattia Cielo jewelry..and why I love them!

There are a couple of jewelry design companies in the world that I truly adore. I mean: really adore. Everything I see in the collections of these companies, just lives up to the expectation. One of those companies is Mattia Cielo.


Mattia Cielo

Mattia Cielo Ghiaccio series ( Ghiaccio means Ice) Most of the jewelry is in gold but some are in silver.

A Vicenza story

Mattia Cielo is a company founded in 2006 by Mattia Cielo and his friend Massimiliano Bonoli. Mattia Cielo is no stranger to the jewelry world. He grew up in the Vicenza (Italy) area where you will find still today an enormous amount of jewelry companies, craftsmen and so on.  His father, Sergio Cielo, founded Cielo Venezia 1270. A group that carries the brands: Kiara, Miluna, Yukiko and Nimei.  Mattia Cielo is still part of this company and his brand is part of his father’s company.

Mattia Cielo1

The Armadillo rings. I LOVE these rings...if you watch the video you see how they actually move. Fantastic!

Mattia Cielo9

The Maglio collection, although practically all designs are just wow, I must say that I am in love with the rings!

Unique brand

It’s Massimiliano that does all the designs and what a master he is! I love how they created such an unique brand. This may seem easy, but in a world where there is no lack of jewelry designs and no lack of innovative designs, it is really very hard to stand out and create a look that is easy to recognize, beautiful and highly attractive to a larger group of people.

Mattia Cielo2

Pavone collection (Peacock) a playful collection that actually moves and bounces when you move it

Mattia Cielo7

Volcano necklace and Bruco necklaces, the last two are completely flexible

Impressive designs....impressive price tag 

Mattia Cielo is a brand that meets many peoples taste, but not everyone will be able to afford the jewelry. This kind of exclusive design comes with an impressive price tag. But honestly, if the money is no option, I would recommend this brand without hesitation.  Prices start around 3000 euro but go easily up to 20.000 euro and more. Many of the designs, as you might have seen in the video, are flexible or move. Making them extremely playful and interesting. Eye-catching jewelry with a very contemporary style.

Mattia Cielo4

Oceano Collectio by Mattia Cielo


Mattia Cielo3

Universo collection, colorful bracelet that come single or like the ones on the left...


So here is an impression of the company’s work. And I hope that you too see why I appreciate this design so very much!

Mattia Cielo5

This collection is completely flexible. It did make me think about another famous Italian brand called K di Kuore though. This collection is called Rugiada by Mattia Cielo

Mattia Cielo11

The Mattia Cielo precious watch and some images of the collection worn on a presentation. Far left is Mattia Cielo himself.


Mattia Cielo6

These fantastic designs are in Carbon and white gold and diamonds. Absolutely stunning! The collection is Volcano by Mattia Cielo

Mattia Cielo8

The Bruco collection...all wonderful. Did you see how that ring there in the middle moves all around when you wear it? So pretty and fun.

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