More Cartier? More cute panthers? here it is:

| Esther Ligthart | Brands & Designers

If you loved the video from yesterday, you will enjoy this one too! It's actually from the 2014 campaign by Cartier. More panthers, more fluffy snow and cute little animals. And stunning jewelry and can't go wrong with that!

Fluffy snow and clouds. Panthers that play hide and seek...Cartier gifts falling from heaven. All way too cute!

Cartier winter 20141

The thing about jewelry is that it is so much about emotion. Cartier played the emotion card very elegantly. Not by showing you the human face who gives or receives a gift from Cartier, but we attach an emotion that is maybe only slightly related to the jewelry itself: baby animals playing.  The Panther is the symbolic animal of Cartier and that's probably the reason why they have chosen it of course. 

If we look at the video we see something that our brains know very well that it can't be true. No animals are playing on the clouds, no gifts fall from the sky ( at least ....I did not find that pretty red box underneath my Christmas tree :-) ) But for a moment, even we grown ups, love to enchanted. To marvel just for that brief minute: what if this was true....what if....

Cartier winter 2014

To let yourself go and dream like a child again! I love to be enchanted, I love to marvel and be's one of the reasons I love kids so much...and childrens literature. They have no problem imagining that all this could be true!

Cartier winter 20142

Yes, my adult brain fights to take over ;-) thinking about the smart marketing people of Cartier. And how this probably was developed and there is nothing fairytalish about that...hehe...But still...When I showed it to my child, he laughed and was completely endeared...and then said to me: mama ! These are baby panthers in panthers paradise of course! As we love to imagine often, lying in the garden, what it would be like if we could fly and then go the clouds, jumping around on their fluffiness...:-))


Cartier: you nailed it! You made us dream!


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