My favorite pick in affordable jewelry: Muah Bijoux

New on Bizzita: favorite affordable jewelry by great designers or brands. Bizzita loves jewelry! Affordable jewelry that is well made, earns all the attention it can get too, so we will feature regularly, affordable lovely jewelry and explain why we think it is great! Today it’s Muah Bijoux’s turn! 

How did I meet Nicol?

Nicol wrote me a short mail one day on Facebook. She introduced herself and told me what she thought about the blog. She also seemed very passionate about what she did and believed strongly in herself and her product. So... I took a look.

Request for more affordable jewelry on

I had so many requests from people over the past months especially, to give my opinion about more affordable jewelry. I am surrounded in daily life, by very normal, down to earth people, that think practical and have busy lives. So I thought it would be a great idea, to give my opinion about some affordable brands and designers with their very own story. All different from each other and all, kind of unique in what they do. Important factor for me is that they have to deliver the best quality possible for what they make, within reason. 


Some have send me goods over the past years, as a gift to try it out. As it is clear that I am not that selfie fashionista ;-) they do however, have a hope, that I will somehow mention them. And it shows guts to send me stuff, because well, only when you have it in your own hands and wear it for a while, the good pieces of affordable jewelry quickly separates itself from the not so well made. I would never recommend something that I personally do not endorse...

My opinion:

I have been wearing the Muah Bijoux bracelets, some are even custom made, for some weeks now, I shower with them and wear them often. And the Muah Bijoux bracelets -I admit: I had doubts about durability of the stones- are keeping up perfectly!They are the ideal summer bracelet that you can wear, day in and day out. And are custom made with names and so forth…:-) I have, cheesy choice, but I love it all the same ;-), bracelets with the names of my hubby and of my child, for example. 

So, I asked Nicol a little more to show you who she is and what she does:


Interview with Nicol Amato:

Esther: Hi Nicol, thanks for the bracelets! What would you like to tell us about who you are, where you come from and how or why you got into jewelry? 

Nicol: My name is Nicol daughter of artisans and tailors, my training began at age 7 when I asked my parents to teach me sewing by machine. From that moment, I was captured by the magic of the place and the ability to give rise to unique and original things. The meeting with the jewelery took place in a natural way, but at the same time; casual . At first I dreamed up my logo Muah Bijoux and then set my goals: to create a line of accessories with Swarovski crystals that could be worn by everyone in any situation, able to express myself through my passions, knowledge, experience and manuals skills.

Esther: Tell me more about the bracelets! 

Nicol: My bracelets are revolutionary objects made in soft touch ecological leather; lightweight, hypoallergenic and water resistant; for women and girls who want to wear a practical bijoux, versatile and elegant even at the beach or in the shower. I am always improving to create quality handmade products that are innovative. I think I am doing well for myself as I’d like to create something different, a style that people can remember and desired because unique and recognizable. 



  ''The jewelry should arouse an emotion to the wearer and the observer''


Esther: Who are your clients, Nicol?

Nicol: My clients are demanding people with great culture of quality products, they have a strong artistic sensitivity and developed aesthetic sense and they often reveal to me such real creative people, by commissioning me bracelets or custom models.

Esther: where are you from and where do you live? 

Nicol:live near Varese with my family, my mom Nadia,my dad Domenico, my brother Andrea and our little Chihuahua Ettore. In the same house I have a space dedicated to my work, where I create and produce the Muah Bijoux collection.

 What is your personal view on jewelry, captures in one phrase:

''L’arte del saper fare / The art of Know-how''

Esther: Would you like to share how we know each other? 

Nicol: I have known and appreciated the work of Esther through reviews and biographies taken from specialist magazines in jewelry and various social networks.I hope to be able to meet her in person, maybe during the next event which  I’ll take part with my latest creations. The appointment is in Paris Bijorhca September 2016

Prices: range from 29€ for the simple version, to 205€ for the most elaborated custom made ones. Scroll down to see more pictures and info where to buy Muah Bijoux!


Esther: so Nicol, where can people actually find your jewelry?

Nicol: It’s possible buy my creations online or in a selected shops, concept stores, jewellery & fashion Retails in Italy and worldwide.


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