My top 13 favorite Chinese and Taiwanese jewelry brands and designers!

My top 13 of most favorite Chinese and Taiwanese jewelry designers are composed by a beautiful bunch of brands and designers from mainland China, Hong-Kong and Taiwan. Striking jewelry that is becoming more and more popular all over the world. China might be embracing European luxury brands but Europe and the rest of the world is discovering how much China, Hong-Kong and Taiwan have to offer themselves too! From Wendy Yue to Wallace Chan, from the whimsical designs of Queelin, Bao Bao Wan and many more! Come and explore my personal favorite Chinese and Taiwanese jewelry brands!

My favorite top 13 Chinese and TaiwaneseJewelry designers brands esther ligthartbizzita.png1

My 13 favorite Chinese and Taiwanese jewelry designers and brands are, in random order:

 My favorite top 13 Chinese and TaiwaneseJewelry designers brands esther ligthartbizzita


This rather young company, has caught my eye every since I saw their panda jewelry. With my ‘’ fetish’’ for everything whimsical or from the animal kingdom, I was immediately intrigued. Queelin was created in 2004 and has joined the Kering group family ( home also to Boucheron, Pomellato). This Chinese jewelry brand is strong on symbolic features.

Queelinfavorite Chinese JewelryBrandsdesignersChineseTaiwanese

What I love about Queelin:

Although I have mentioned the panda’s and you should definitely check out their other animal jewelry too, it is not just because of the animal jewelry that Queelin kind of captured my jewelry loving heart and keen on great design eye. What I love about Queelin is how playfully they ‘’married’’ traditional symbols with wearable and playful jewelry design. It’s jewelry that one can easily wear during work and daytime too. I really appreciate the translation of ancient symbols, into meaningful gem. My personal favorite? Xi Xi, the Chinese lion! Would definitely wear that cute creature around my neck!

Only point of criticism:

I really dislike the website. I am not fond of black websites in the first place, missing the freshness and more up to date look, but I found it not pleasant to navigate or take a real good look at the jewelry itself. I would love to see a more vibrant site, where I can see the jewelry as enlarged as I wish to and see how it looks on people too.

My favorite Chinese jewelry brands


From a rather young company to a rather old name! Lao Feng Xiang was founded in 1848. This company has a large network of retail stores in mainland China but also in Vancouver, Canada and Sydney, Australia.

Lao Feng Xiang favorite Chinese JewelryBrandsdesigners2

What I love about Lao Feng Xiang:

Their collections contain something for everyone. There is even a whole range in 24kt gold. I do love their more playful side, which they show with their bubble fish collection and even with their chokers in 24kt gold. But I love them mostly because of the jadeite collection. They have created some gorgeous pieces with this beautiful lush green color.

Lao Feng Xiang favorite Chinese JewelryBrandsdesigners.3

Lao Feng Xiang favorite Chinese JewelryBrandsdesigners

Only point of criticism:

Again a website that doesn’t look too appealing. It’s not using the full size of my screen and the borders are black. If I think about consumers today, especially Millennials and so on, the site just doesn’t look contemporary. Another point of criticism is that when you try to please a wide range of customers, your collections may become too diverse and not easy to identify the real Lao Feng Xiang


Wallace Chan is one of personal heroes. I absolutely adore his creations and the man himself. Wallace Chan creates jewelry however, that isn’t wearable for most of us. However wonderful, they are always for a very selective group of clients. Most jewelry designers will talk about art, but Wallace is one of the few to really create art that happens to be wearable as jewelry.

Wallace Chan Hong kong Chinese jewelry brands designers favoriteblog.png1

What I love about Wallace Chan:

What I love mostly about Wallace Chan is his jewelry. Every single piece blows your mind. It’s multi-dimensional, looking differently from every angle. The use of gemstones and the combination of all those vibrant colors. It may look like each stone is there to outshine the other, yet combined they produce this heavenly feast of colors, which in some way makes you think that they have always belonged together. What I also love is his respect for time. It takes time to learn a craft. In a day where immediate measurable results are highly valued, it seems almost absurd to spend 8 years mastering a technique. I have a fondness for everyone who dares to dedicate him- or herself, to really master a craft, a technique or knowledge no matter how many years it takes.

What I also love is the website. As I have mentioned it above, websites are often the first moment a person sees your company. As a jewelry brand you want to seduce, you want to attract and draw people into your world! Just compare the aforementioned brands with Wallace Chan online and you’ll get what I mean.

Wallace Chan Hong kong Chinese jewelry brands designers favoriteblog.p2

Only point of criticism:

Price. I do understand the choices one has to make, but a piece of jewelry by Wallace Chan is only for the very rich and famous on this planet. The gap between being humble and a creator of art and the clients, only the very wealthy, could not be bigger. I regret that too many people miss out the opportunity to wear something made by this Master. Understandable, but yes...I do weep a little that I won’t ever be even close to able to afford his jewelry.

Wallace Chan Hong kong Chinese jewelry brands designers favoriteblog.4


Wan Baobao is a jewelry designer, rather than a brand. She has worked with different brands such as Swarovski, ForeverMark and many more and created a small whimsical collection for Yoox too. Les Facettes in Geneva. She is called many names; from a socialite to part of the elite. But she is also a photographer with an eye for capturing beauty in life.

BaoBaoWanJewelry favorite chinese taiwanese brands designerBlog

What I love about Bao Bao Wan:

So many delightful, wearable pieces of jewelry! I do love her collection for Les Facettes and kind of am crazy about that doughnut pendant!

Only point of criticism:

Difficult to say. It’s not a designer with website where one can spot a whole collection. Although one can easily find some articles about her, it’s not as easy to find her collections online. Meaning: if you do like her jewelry, you must make an effort to find out how and where you can buy it! Also, the small whimsical collection is coherent enough, but I found some larger pieces too, which I loved. Yet, where does one find them? Today, her own website is no longer online, which suggest she might no longer be working actively in creating new pieces.

BaoBaoWanJewelry favorite chinese taiwanese brands designerBlog2


Sun Hefang is a Chinese jewelry designer who studied at the Central St. Martins College of Art and Design. During her graduation she got nominated and won the gold medal as Shiny Rising Star. She went back to China and became a jewelry editor for Elle, but with encouragement of her family and friends, and luckily so, she started her own jewelry brand.

Hefang favorite chinese jewelry brands designers blog.png2

What I love about Hefang:

She is an artist who is not afraid to embrace the more whimsical, lighthearted pieces of design. I think her jewelry is original and very wearable. They don’t look overly complicated as a design, but remember that leaving out details, yet capturing the essence of an object or subject, in an original way, is way harder than one might think. I see that she is a star at doing exactly this. Yes, I love her cloud earrings, and I love so many of her pieces that I would absolutely love to wear, but I see her art...and admire it very much.

Hefang favorite chinese jewelry brands designers blog

Only point of criticism:

Google Hefang and you will get directed to some sites that have nothing to do with her. If you do find her own website, it’s all in Chinese with no button to switch to English. Why??! :-)

Hefang favorite chinese jewelry brands designers blog1


I met Wendy Yue at VicenzaOro. As a tall Dutch woman, I always am slightly intimidated by these slender, extremely elegant women from China, Hong Kong or Taiwan. Wendy is a sophisticated and a very kind, soft spoken but very strong and independent woman and a wonderful designer. I love her jewelry! Ok, so it’s very outspoken and bold, but look at those rings, those bracelets!

Wendy Yue Jewelry brands designers blog favorite top Chinese taiwanese HongKong

What I love about Wendy Yue:

Dramatic, bold, outspoken and colorful. What’s not to love? But of course, Wendy’s jewelry is not just that. This Hong Kong based jewelry designer is genius at making these outspoken jewelry pieces very wearable and the jewelry is simply very well made. The website is very beautiful and draws you into her world. You can even find some prices there, something too many jewelry brands are being way too long mysterious about in their communications.

Only point of criticism:

This is jewelry for a high-end clientele. It’s not even criticism, but for most of us, this is jewelry to admire, aspire but most probably never possess. ;-)

 Wendy Yue Jewelry brands designers blog favorite top Chinese taiwanese HongKong.1


I spoke to Anna Hu on the first of January when most of you were still asleep! What a woman! Strong, accomplished so much already and very much her own woman. She started out as a very promising cellist, but due to an injury caused practising too hard. This hole in her heart was filled later by studying jewelry design and today Anna is a very accomplished, well-known and highly appreciated high-end Taiwanese born jewelry designer.

Anna Hu Favorite Hong Kong Chinese jewelry designer brandnecklacering brooch

What I love about Anna Hu:

Everything! From the woman she is to the designer she has become. I found her commitment to what she does very inspiring. I love her jewelry purely for the wonderful design and execution. She plays with gemstones and one can spot her classical upbringing at Harry Winston, yet she is much more daring in many of her designs.

Anna Hu Favorite Hong Kong Chinese jewelry designer brandnecklacering brooch.png1

Only point of criticism:

Again so very hard, but if I have one, it would be the static website!

 Anna Hu Favorite Hong Kong Chinese jewelry designer brandnecklacering broochBamboo


Michelle Ong is a designer from Hong Kong and the woman behind Carnet Jewellery. Again, a strong woman with a vision. She never planned to become a jewelry designer. But her pet hobby became her work. She creates stunning pieces of jewelry and does so whilst also being deeply involved in philanthropy and having a family.

Michelle Ongfavoritetopjewelry brandsdesigners blog ChineseTaiwanese.png2

What I love about Michelle Ong:

I love the richness of her designs. Nothing is too obvious, nothing is made easy. Everything is looking detailed and rich. I don’t know why that word springs to my mind when I look at her design, but it does.

Michelle Ongfavoritetopjewelry brandsdesigners blog ChineseTaiwanese.png1

Only point of criticism:

Once again, the website. It doesn’t look appealing in my eyes. Dark, with small pictures and it just doesn’t do anything for the brand!

 Michelle Ongfavoritetopjewelry brandsdesigners blog ChineseTaiwanese


Chow Tai Fook is a very important player in the Chinese jewelry retail world. With over a 1000 stores in mainland China, this is one huge company and part of an even larger conglomerate company. Chow Tai Fook also produced their own high-end jewelry collection and that is what got them into this list in the first place. Because those pieces are so wonderful!

ChowtaiFookJewelry favorite chinese taiwanese brands designerBlog

What I love about Chow Tai Fook:

Drama! I love the drama in their high-end necklaces so much! I love especially those pieces that have that drop down effect and all these different layers of striking colors and beautiful design.

Only point of criticism:

The pieces that I show here are extraordinary pieces that really stand out. Most of the jewelry is much more classic. Not a point of criticism really, but just making you aware of not expecting just this kind of jewelry! Most of the pieces on the website and instore are, in fact, more wearable and less pricey than the one of a kind pieces featured here.

 ChowTaiFookjewelry favorite chinese taiwanese brandsDesigners.png2ChowTaiFookjewelry favorite chinese taiwanese brandsDesigners


Zhaoyi Xintiandi Jewelry Co., Ltd. was formed in Beijing in 2003.. The company integrates jewelry design, haute couture design, jewelry manufacturing, jewelry retailing, and brand promotion. Everything this company does is about Jadeite.

ZhaoyiJadeChineseTaiwanese jewelryfavoritetopblog.png1

What I love about Zhaoyi Jade:

I love the stone itself so much and I love how Zhaoyi dedicates itself to creating jewelry that honors this gemstone. Their jewelry meets the taste of the world and is surely not limited to China.

Only point of criticism:

I couldn’t find the website and when I did, it gave an error. A hint of not being in business anymore or?

 ZhaoyiJadeChineseTaiwanese jewelryfavoritetopblog


Cindy Chao has been influenced by her grandfather, a Taiwanese architect of temples and a parent who worked as a sculptor. This helped her to develop her keen eye for beauty and art. Cindy Chao has captured her imagination of how jewelry should look in her eyes in her two collections;  Black Label Masterpieces, and the White Label Collection. A high-end designer creating museumworthy jewelry.

Cindy ChaoJewelry favorite chinese taiwanese brands designerBlog

What I love about Cindy Chao:

Every single piece is meticulously designed. Looking like nature itself; frivolous with moving, fluid shaped edges. The pieces almost seem alive! Sounds crazy? What do you see when you observe her jewelry?! The website and the photography of the pieces on the website looks amazing! 

Only point of criticism:

Apart from it all being very high-end and thus not within reach for most budgets, I do not have any criticism.

 Cindy ChaoJewelry favorite chinese taiwanese brands designerBlog.png1


Yewn is jewelry company founded by Dickson Yewn, an accomplished painter turned into jewelry designer. His jewelry is sold in only a handful of very exclusive stores. 

DicksonYewn FavoriteChinese Taiwanese HongKongjewelryblog

What I love about Dickson Yewn:

It's often hard to point out why, but sometimes you kind of 'feel' it when someone was a painter before. Perhaps it's the way they look themselves at jewelry? I may not be able to put my finger on it, but I am delighted by many of the designs and I like the square rings as worn by Michelle Obama, meeting the Queen of England. But I love the Imperial Amulet collection most.

Only point of criticism:

Here we go again, but the online presence could be far better. The site is not black, but brown and the jewelry, in my humble opinion, should be sharper, larger and better described. Nothing comes to life, which is such a pity!

 DicksonYewn FavoriteChinese Taiwanese HongKongjewelryblog.pngbracelet Ring


Edward Chiu was a brilliant jewelry designer from Hong Kong. He passed away, but his family still runs his business today. Birds were his trademark, but he was famous also for his use of different shades of jade. 

EdwardChiu Jewelryfavoritechinesebrandsdesignersblog

What I love about Edward Chiu:

Although I love many of his designs, it is the lavender jade creations that captured my heart! 

Only point of criticism:

Again, the website. There is one website, which is completely blurred, with low resolution pictures and another with just a text. This is not branding and not good marketing. Also again, people will check a website first! 


Which one is your favorite?

I always love to know which one is your favorite and especially: why! I also think I might have left out someone who I should have included :-) If you know a brand or designer that, according to you, is worth checking out, then please do let me know! 

Thanks for reading and I hope you loved the jewelry! 


XO Esther




Comments (10)

  • lisa


    • 19 May 2018 at 13:21
    • #

    Edward Chiu's creations are definitly my favourite! it reminds me Lalique creations...


    • Esther Ligthart

      Esther Ligthart

      • 22 May 2018 at 09:07
      • #

      Hi Lisa, thank you for your comment! I can understand why you see this. It's truly lovely, isn't it?!




    • 02 July 2018 at 22:35
    • #

    I lived in Hong Kong from the mid 80's when I met Edward Chiu. He was working for a shop in the Peninsula Hotel. I started out as a client of his and remained so for many years. I own quite a few beautiful pieces of jewelry by him and signed by him. Wondering if there is a way to get them out in the universe as I do not really wear jewelry anymore? Thanks!


    • Esther Ligthart

      Esther Ligthart

      • 03 July 2018 at 14:11
      • #

      Hi Gina, thanks for the comment! Wow, that's so lovely! ....You could check if you find a good auction house perhaps. Online and offline, there are services like Catawiki but also many others, that may be interesting for you. It's a delicate process to resell them. Perhaps check with a more high-end jeweler near you ( locally based) what they would recommend? They do deserve a wonderful new life with someone who would love to wear them again. Thanks for sharing! Esther




        • 03 July 2018 at 19:13
        • #

        Thanks so much for your reply Esther! You have a lovely blog and I shall be following you!


        • Shayne


          • 12 October 2018 at 19:36
          • #

          I'd be interested in a piece. Please email me.


          • Esther Ligthart

            Esther Ligthart

            • 29 October 2018 at 13:43
            • #

            Hi Shayne, sorry to get back so late ! Do let me know which piece. You can e-mail me at esther at bizzita dot come. Thanks!


  • Sunflower Ring

    Sunflower Ring

    • 16 July 2018 at 03:49
    • #

    Hi Esther, I am so glad to see so many Chinese jewelry brands on your blog, thanks for sharing. All of them have quite strong unique Chinese style. I live in China now, as far as I know, Anna Hu is a well-known brand in local Chinese jewelry industry.


  • Andreas Andrew Tobias

    Andreas Andrew Tobias

    • 25 July 2018 at 18:04
    • #

    I want to confirmed that Taiwanese brand own by family Mrs.jimei from xiamen in china that is since 1995 what's called the brand name they are also in other cities like Shenzhen because I to order that items jewelry r


  • dhiren


    • 27 June 2023 at 12:56
    • #

    great doing hope we work togathere ?


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