Piaget, Maria Kovadi, Gucci and Louis Vuitton's Pinky Promise!

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Maria Kovadi has been my discovery of the week. Piaget has launched a beautiful capsule collection called Extremely Piaget. Louis Vuitton does pinky promises and Florence Welsh is Gucci’s newest ambassador.


Piaget Jessica chastainJewelryExtremelyPiaget

Jessica Chastain for Piaget - Extremely Piaget Capsule Collection -


Never a dull moment in jewelry land. As Basel World - the largest watch & jewelry trade fair in the world - is nearing, many brands are working hard to get ready to dazzle once again! This trade fair is not open to the public, but brands need to seduce an even more difficult crowd: the jewelers from around the globe.

Maria Kovadi

Maria Kovadi, a jeweler that I have to admit to only have discovered this week, is from Switzerland and has a beautiful collection of jewelry. Really, worth checking it out. She will be presenting a animali collection on the upcoming Basel World and of course, then you’ve got my attention :-) Look at this cute little fellow!

Maria Kovadi KissFrog jewelry

Kiss me on the lips by Maria Kovadi


Piaget - Extremely Piaget Capsule Collection -

Piaget needs hardly any introduction. This famous French jeweler came up with a new collection and I love it. It’s called the Extremely Piaget capsule collection and they have chosen Jessica Chastain as their ambassador. Stunning pieces in 18kt gold, diamonds and marquise cut diamonds, colored gemstones ….it’s a beautiful collection and my absolute favorite is that cuff bracelet!

 piaget extremely

piaget extremely pendant

Gucci and Florence Welch

Florence Welch is muse to Alessandro Michele, creative director of Gucci and he has chosen her as ambassador for the Gucci jewelry and watch collection. Florence is lead singer of Florence and the Machine, a beautiful singer but lacking every bit of glitz and glamour. It’s what I love about her appearance. She appeared very shy and uncomfortable on the red carpet, yet Alessandro finds in her that perfect combination of passion, emotion, romance and a hint of darkness. I love unconventional artists and beauty. It’s a great choice for a jewelry line that may not always be so exciting, but easy to wear and with the Gucci logo on it; interesting to a large group of people.

Florence Welch Gucci jewelry

Florence Welch- Gucci


Louis Vuitton supports Unicef

Last but not least: Louis Vuitton launched the Silver Lockit collection. A few items only containing the silver locket as created by the founder himself for his luggage way back in 1890.

Louis Vuitton Lockit Collection

The Silver Lockit collection retails at 500 dollars and 200 dollars are donated to Unicef, to help children in need. A beautiful idea and many famous faces did the pinky picture during the Louis Vuitton Gala earlier this year. Personally: I like that they donate a significant percentage of the sales price to Unicef. It’s a beautiful gesture and I hope many will feel the same. The bracelet or pendant with chain are classics. They will never go out of fashion and are such a statement piece!  If you want to know more, go to the website of Louis Vuitton, you can purchase it online there too. Or share the love and use the hashtag #makeapromise online. Ps. guys, this is the perfect gift!

 Louis Vuitton Lockit Collection Bracelet Silver


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