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There is a lot of information about buying jewelry, but a lot less about selling it. However, I have received a lot of questions about what jewelry is worth, should people want to sell it. It’s a very good question and a very difficult one to answer. But now I have come across this wonderful company that deals with this question in the most professional way.


WP Diamonds is part of White Pine trading, a company with a lot of experience, right within the heart of the diamond industry.

Positive change in the diamond industry

Matthew Howe, Vice president of Marketing and E-Commerce told me: ''When we launched WP Diamonds, we had high hopes about affecting a positive change within the industry. We noticed the options available and they weren’t very good. We believe that there is a lack of transparency and professionalism with a lot of options out there and we devised a set of policies and operating procedures to make sure we addressed this vacuum.''

WP Diamonds on selling diamonds jewelry

Michael Lebowitz, Director of jewelry and some of the guides that you can find on the website.

Surprising statement

What he said more was very surprising to me. I have had the experience of buying back jewelry in Italy, when I ran a jewelry store. None of us were experts in diamond evaluation. There was no need for it, as the pieces were usually more gold and gold watches, but sometimes people came with jewelry containing larger gemstones. Often bought, tragically enough, from TV hosted jewelry companies that claimed that buying their pieces for the lowest prices imaginable, would be an investment for the future as it was worth so much more. And those clients, when told they were kind of tricked and that they only paid a fair amount for the jewelry, as we would take only the gold back as the gemstones were of poor quality…. got often very emotional.

WP Diamonds New York

So Matthew said this about the procedure at WP Diamonds: ''We believe that the experience of selling an item should be similar to the experience you had when you purchased an item.''

 WP Diamonds Quote

Extremely professional

WP Diamonds is extremely professional, the website has this luxury look and feel, but also and more importantly: it is very clear and easy to navigate. Each step in the process, is made easy for those who are considering selling their jewelry. I come across a lot of websites and it may not be kind to say it, but especially American websites have a tendency to be overwhelming; too much information, difficult navigation, many colors and different letter types, but not for WP diamonds. 

Michael Leibowitz, director of jewelry told me: ''WP diamonds continues to receive the most interesting jewelry, diamonds and watches to purchase. The merchandise runs the gamete from Tiffany Engagement rings, Rolex and Pateks, antique and estate jewelry, Cartier Love bracelets and so on. Our pricing is a combination of real time within the global metal- and diamond markets, along with our gemologists/ evaluators having a strong pulse on the premiums of the “ better brands’’ and demographic demands.  WP Diamonds offers a “Retail Partnership Program” to purchase jewelry, diamonds, antique/estate, and watches from customers of retailers both in-store and through its “no cost to retailer mail-in” program.''

WP Diamonds LOGO

So how does it work?

You can go to the website and you can see different options. Are you considering to sell a diamond? A piece of jewelry? A watch or an engagement ring, for example?

Is it fine jewelry? A specific brand? So once you have established that, there are a few options, according to what you want to sell. For the diamonds there is a calculator of how much the diamond weighs. It gives you an approximate idea of the value, but please note that cut, color and inclusions are very important in the valuation of a diamond and those can be only done by an expert. If it is any of the other items or a diamond, you see a few steps instruction. You can see it also in the video above.

WP Diamonds

What I loved:

Personally, I observed the whole process and I just have to say: this is utter professionalism. If I would sell a diamond or a piece of more precious jewelry, I would definitely try WP Diamonds for the evaluation. You always rely on the professionalism and honesty of the people valuating your diamond, jewelry or watch. You simply can’t do it yourself, which makes it even more delicate. If it is just a simple plain gold bracelet that you are selling, going to your local jeweler might be ok. They weigh it and you’ll get the price of the metal which is daily valued, minus some costs. But if you have something a little more valuable, or you think it might be a little more valuable, then I would recommend to go for a company like WP Diamonds as they are true professionals, have a great reputation and get lots of clients by word of mouth as former clients tend to recommend this company to their peers.


What I also loved:

The company works with some unexpected experts. Besides all the diamond evaluators and jewelry- and watch experts, there are a few relationship experts and financial experts too. These experts are there to engage people coming to the website to stay and perhaps find added value in the relevant content and -advice that you can find under * Articles * on the website. 


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