Meet this fantastic exotic bird, the Arara Scarlet by Sicis

Sicis, creator of beautiful interior design with their mosaic creations, has been on the jewelry market for some time now. And never fail to surprise. Look at this Ara!



Sicis Jewelry Parrot



This endangered bird is amongst one of the most colorful and beautiful birds we know. As I live close to the Zoo, just a 5 minutes walk, I am allowed to see this bird whenever I feel like going there. And I love to observe the ara's especially when they have their young!

This bird, according to Sicis, was a symbol to the ancient Maya for its courage and strength.

Sicis jewelry



The Ara Macaw they created is so beautiful and so intensily eye-catching. The only unfortunate thing is that it is almost unreachable for most of us. Yet, beauty created as art, like this piece truly is, is a joy to our eyes, whether we can afford to buy it or not.

Sicis uses almost always a mix of gemstones and micro mosaic techniques. The micro mosaic techniques are amongst the most beautiful you'll find and they appear here on the feather parts of the wings and tail. The Arara Scarlet contains 4 ct's of diamonds and 10 ct's os sapphire and rubies and is made in 18kt gold.

All information about this collection can be found on the website of Sicis:



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