The Treasure Island Pen Collection by Urso Luxury, a Tribute to Robert Louis Stevenson

Urso Luxury created a pen as a tribute to Roberto Louis Stevenson, an amazing writer who still inspires so many artists today.


Famous Book by R.L.S

There once was a writer who inspired Alfred Hitchcock and was called R.L.S. by his friends. He wrote a series of books called the Sea-Cook, which later was turned into one of the most famous books we still know today: Treasure Island. Urso Luxury created a pen as a tribute to this amazing writer, who still inspires so many artists today

Urso Luxury Treasure Island Map

Robert Louis Stevenson, the writer

Robert Louis Stevenson was born in Edinburgh, son of an engineer and his wife. He too became an engineer, but health issues were the cause of a switch of career and he started to study as a lawyer. Much like his books, his own -rather short life-
life was an adventure. He never became a lawyer, but a writer, ending up as leader of a tribe in Samoa.

Urso Luxury Pen Silver

A beautiful pen, handmade, honoring the great writer

R.L.S. loved to travel to Hawai where he became friends with King David Kalakaua. He started to write short stories and more for magazines, but gained popularity amongst readers with a serial called the Sea-Cook, featuring the now famous
figure of literature: Long John Silver. This serial became a novel: Treasure Island.

Urso Luxury Pen Vermeill

Robert Louis Stevenson is also the creator of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. This writer was gifted with insight into the human psyche and was able to put motivations, thoughts, and insights into words. A gifted man.

Urso Luxury Treasure Island Map.jpgbox

Urso Luxury loves the story of Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island

Urso Luxury's owner; Giuseppe loved his books so much and admired the history of the writer, that he thought about how to pay the perfect tribute to this much-adored novelist.
Giuseppe has his way of translating his love and admiration into something tangible, like R.L.S was able to put thoughts into words, and started to design the Treasure Island Pen Collection.
All handmade and as treasures should be: available as a limited edition only.

Urso Luxury manifest Logo Pens

If you like to see more of Giuseppe's work you can find that here.

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