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To say that Tony Duquette was gifted as an artist, would be perhaps a huge understatement.

Tony Duquette1

Bearable lightness of being

This multi talented interior designer/sculptor/ painter/ jewelry designer etc. died on 9-9-1999 at the age of 85. When he died he just seemed to go through that like he lived his life, without pain, struggle or fear, according to his lifelong business partner Hutton Wilkinson. He lived a life with in his own fanciful way with a certain lightness.


Tony Duquette2



More is ....More!

Looking at his interior design, you get the feeling of a person that has chosen to live by the More is More concept. Every detail says something, there is no fashion or trend, it is just this amazing eclectic abundant style that looks like you enter a world in itself.


Tony Duquette3


Eclectic design, we love it

I have come across Tony Duquette as I am interested in eclectic interior design. We are in the process of rethinking and reshaping our home and we go through the process of replacing slowly practical pieces that we have had from our parents and bought at Ikea towards choosing more outspoken pieces that match much better our identity. We are not as daring as Tony Duquette and his clients, nor do we have that kind of budget. And as I am doing the cleaning of my own home, it can never be a very practical choice in terms of keeping it clean and so on, but I am attracted to his dream world.


Tony Duquette4



Merlin of Interior Design

He seems almost to be the Merlin of interior design, not holding back his talent and certainly not afraid to be extremely outspoken.


Tony Duquette5


Tony Duquette Jewelry, eclectic ánd wearable

His jewelry is beautiful, although it does not lack color and richness, one might have expected it even more lavish or whimsical than it really is, but instead you see he designed jewelry that is still extremely wearable in most occasions.



Tony Duquette6


He created sets for movies, costumes for Broadway, and boldly scaled jewelry for the duchess of Windsor, Sharon Stone and, most recently worked as a jewelry designer for Gucci, then lead by Tom Ford and Balmain.


Tony Duquette7



The career start

How his career started? At a dinner party in the year 1941. It was in Los Angeles and the centerpiece of the dining table was a plaster-and-glass piece. It was playfully encrusted with fake or better; faux jewelry and it was an absurd creation, however...the setting was a bunch of fine decorators, including the Elsie de Wolfe and host James Pendleton. Tony was 27 at the time and the evening became his triumph. Everybody ended up hiring him!


Tony Duquette9



He won a Tony for best costume for the Camelot and was selected by the Louvre in Paris to represent the decorative arts of the middle of the 20th century. He was the very first American who had this incredible honor.


Tony Duquette10


Today, the company is still run by Hutton Wilkinson and the style of Tony can still be felt in everything the company does.


Tony Duquette11



There are two beautiful books, should you want to see more or get inspiration for your home, or in your own jewelry designs, or just long for the perfect coffee table book!


Tony Duquette12


Tony Duquette, Hutton Wilkinson Jewelry and More is More by Hutton Wilkinson. Plenty to be found also on Pinterest and on the website of Tony Duquette.


Tony Duquette13


Underneath this article you can find a lot of pictures that I have used in the collages, should you like to Pin them :-))







TonyDuquetteBrooch turqoise

TonyDuquettecoral bracelet


TonyDuquette bracelet quarz

TonyDuquette turqoise bracelet

tony duquette ring jewelry yellow

Tony Duquette blue bracelet

tony duquette jewelry ring

Tony Duquette purple bracelet gemstones

Tony Duquette bracelet

Prices and information about this collection can all be found on





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