Trend 2015: Chanel Cruise 2015 jewelry and fashion collection

Chanel is one of my favorite brands when it comes to really high end luxury fashion. No, I do not own anything (yet!) but it is always stylish. Full of elements that are always clearly Chanel and yet they know how to translate streetwear into haute couture!


Chanel Bizzita-2015 2


Chanel in Dubai

There was an amazing show held in Dubai. To a spoiled public for sure, but the background is stunning. A new version of our ideas of the arabian culture and decor. A small oasis was created, but of course to the Dubai public this is not new, as they have practically build one huge oasis in the middle of the desert. Still however, it looks magical and I love the new interpretation of what we would call Arabian. 

Chanel BizzitaCruise1

I like it all!

When I looked at the outfits, there is just not one that I don't like. They seem all so...well, wearable! The shoes, very Arabian and super comfortable. Without losing the feeling of chique!

Chanel Bizzita 2015

Chanel jewelry 2015

The jewelry? Ahhh we see a lot of jewelry in unusual places like in the hair! And it looks soooo lovely. I wonder how many women are able to pull this off in real life. But maybe it could be the start of a trend? 

Chanel Bizzita 2015 1

Lots of diamonds! The watch is the Lion Mosaique haute joaillerie watch from the Sous le Signe du Lion collection from Chanel

Chanel jewelry as a trend?

It's not the first time that Chanel starts a trend that gets picked up by the mass only years later ( I finally bought black nailpolish, something that was introduced by Chanel already back at the early 2000's! 

Chanel Bizzita jewelry trens-2015

We see diamond and pearl encrusted headbands, the famous C turned into a half moon, simply dazzling and brilliant! Camelia Watches and the classical element like bows, pearl necklaces ( worn in unusual ways) Chanel likes you to rethink jewelry and how to wear it. It was Chanel that presented also important jewelry to be worn on simple white t-shirts. A style, not even a trend, but a style statement that I have loved immidiately. Why? Somehow wearing it with such ease and nonchalance, looks so effortlessly self confident and up to date. When talking about jewelry with friends, they all tend to see jewelry as something to wear with a more formal outfit or just in the evening. But I love to convince them that wearing jeans and a white t-shirt with a nice jacket for example and then your piece of jewelry on that, will look amazing!  

Chanel Bizzita bags jewelry 2015

Glittering necklaces and beautiful stacking of statement bracelets. 

Chanel Bizzita 2015 jewelry cruise

A dazzling, deliscious collection that delights me!

Chanel Bizzita Cruise jewelry Dubai

Part 2 of these series will folow on friday!

Chanel Bizzita Cruise jewelry 2015


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