Urso Luxury's latest Masterpiece: A Dragon Pen

Urso Luxury is this small boutique-like company in the midst of the Piemontese hills. They are up and running since the '80's of last century and they are known for their fantastic men's accessories in gold and silver with diamonds and enameling. Their latest creation is a gorgeous flamboyant dragon, colorful and fierce. Let's see this beauty up close and discover why I think Urso Luxury is one of the most beautiful pens manufacturers in the world.

Urso Luxury Pens Collection Dragon New

The Dragon Pen

Urso's latest Masterpiece is the Dragon pen. This pen is made in solid 925 ‰., containing yellow and blue sapphires and

tsavorite in the two ends. The two cone-shaped ends are made in turquoise material and the pen is enameled in a bold and colorful way. Entirely hand-made as is the rest of Urso Luxury's collection. This pen fits the collection just perfectly.  

Giuseppe Urso says the inspiration came from the symbolism itself; the dragon is a good omen. Being the strong symbolic creature from Asia, it is often described in countries such as South_Korea, China, and Japan as having a snake body, flakes, a fishtail and deer horns. A snout like a Quillin, the Japanese Kirin -a creature of eastern mythology, some says it's related to the giraffe, whilst others claim it must be related to the unicorn- with four long mustaches, two pairs of eagle (or hawk)claws, tiger paws and bull ears. And then eyes like a those of the demon. 

Personally, I fell in love immediately with the pen! I think it has that perfect mix of outspoken design, bold and so obviously flamboyant - hard to miss- kind of luxury and artisanal perfection. Something you don't need, but really would love to have! 

Urso luxury Pens collection Dragon 1

The Dragon collection by Urso Luxury

Giuseppe Urso

If you ever have the pleasure to meet Giuseppe in real life, you will notice one thing immediately; he is very vivid and full of energy! Also, he is very driven to succeed and always open to creating the best possible creation for every client.  

Apart from a vast collection of pens and accessories such as buckles, cigar holders, cigar lighters and more, Urso Luxury creates bespoke designed pieces for those looking for that little extra. Do you want a pen with the symbols of your family? Your boat? Your name or an animal or another symbol that means a lot to you? Or would you like a bespoke lighter, key ring or buckle? Anything is possible!

We asked Giuseppe about the process of ordering and creating a bespoke design. So if you should ever consider it for yourself, you might understand the process a little better and feel how Giuseppe and his colleagues will go to great lengths to make your dreams come true!

Urso Scatola dragon en 

E. what kind of objects do you create when it comes to bespoke design? And how do you start out?

G. Everything a client wants really, but mostly accessories for men; cigar holders, lighters, buckles that sort of thing. We start with the idea of the client and their budget, after that we make some very first sketches. Once the client has chosen the one he likes best we start doing a rendering on the computer just to make it more realistic.

E. We think that pens may have become ever more superfluous, but the market shows us an increasing appetite for beautiful pens. Why is that, in your opinion? 

G. Many of our more precious pens and especially the limited edition ones have become collectibles for those who love to have an object that represents something meaningful to them or because of the love the symbol itself.

E. Pens, not the most obvious choice, how did you grow into the business?

G. I have started in the late eighties with some special requests from a client I had back then. Together with the lighters and accessories, we were producing already, I just fell in love with creating pens.

URso LuxurypenshandmadeBizzitaCigar ShopLondon 3

E. Giuseppe, where can people find your collection and how can they contact you?

G.We sell mainly through the internet today, considering it a window to the world and our clients find our products there, maybe when sipping a brandy or smoking a cigar, they contact us through Whatsapp, Facebook or Messenger and we take the conversation from there.

E. Handmade, bespoke, in precious metals, how much do these pens and accessories cost?

G. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to put a certain price on paper. Simply because every piece is so different and all depends on the kind of procedures, work and metals or gemstones used. The more complicated the design, the higher the price. But it all starts with the budget and idea of the client.

E. Have you ever considered to produce a more budget collection?

G. No, we are a true family business. Very small and incapable of creating mass-produced products, we have made an informed decision to stay small and focus on quality and beauty. We also feed our own passion for the products in this way.

 E. You sell worldwide, but where do most clients for your collections come from?

G. Most of our clients are millionaires living in the United States, the Emirates, Japan and China.

E. What is the phrase or word you hear most when it comes to your products, Giuseppe? 

G.. Amazing!!! :-)

 Urso luxurycollection pens

A little more about the company Urso Luxury

Founded in 1985, Giuseppe started out with his brother Lucio as Urso & Co, after having finished the now closed but renowned Valenza school for jewelers; Benvenuto Cellini. He worked with some great craftsmen and he really grasped the whole essence of the goldsmith art. 

They specialized in fine metalwork and precious gem application, based in Candia Lomellina. ''Lucio has an amazing talent for creating models and a sensitivity for all styles and art periods'' says Giuseppe. 

In 1994 they sensed an increasing demand from their clients for products such as lighters, ashtrays and yes; pens! Both brothers became obsessed with researching history and technology and how they could bring this together on such a beautiful, but very difficult to work with, object such as the fountain pen. ''We always kept our collections small, so that we have strict control over quality'' explains Giuseppe. The brand gained much admiration for their brilliant metal overlay and the uniqueness of their collections.

Our ''leitmotiv''? PASSION! It's passion that has driven us to experiment with new techniques and solutions whilst we integrated historical symbolism and Italian craftsmanship. A humble but proud Giuseppe says; '' you know, after 35 years in this industry, I have come to understand more about the meaning of true beauty and found the way to express this in our work and collections''.

 Urso Luxury Pens Collection Bespoke pieces

An example of a detail of a bespoke object, created exclusively for a client. 

Personal note:

I have met Giuseppe a few years ago and we immediately became friends. His down to earth approach mixed with that capacity to create such outrageously beautiful objects was very appealing, but his passion and enthusiasm for his work are just contagious! Put that with his love for laughter, his passion for great food and compassion for animals and a friendship was born. Since then we regularly keep each other informed about our families and work. We occasionally also work together. I have assisted Giuseppe a few times traveling to clients in England and the Netherlands and have promoted the company more than once. Even now, when someone in my network informs about his collection or wanting a bespoke pen or lighter, for example, I work with Giuseppe, to create something amazing for this person. I am truly in love, and obviously own my very own Urso Luxury pen too, with this brand, the quality, and their vivid imagination when it comes to creating the most amazing objects!

Is everything perfect? hahaha, well, in this case, I would argue yes. The only thing would be the price. Due to the insensitivity of the work, the very specialized artisans needed to create the objects, the metal, and the limited collections, the product is one for the men (or woman) that has everything. I can however honestly state that it may be pricey, but if you truly look objectively at the quality of the work and the materials used, it's not expensive at all. A niche brand with a wonderful attitude towards life, people, beauty, and art, committed to creating amazing writing instruments and men's accessories. Objects that are made to last a lifetime!


  • The dragon pen is a limited edition: 88 fountain pens and 88 roller balls.
  • More info on www.ursoluxurystore.com
  • If you want to know more or want to discuss a bespoke design, don't hesitate to contact Giuseppe Urso at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or send him a WhatsApp/Call at +39(0)34874443
  • You can also contact me personally about his creations, discuss a bespoke piece or general inquiries at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I would love to help you further, of course! 

 Urso Luxury dragon

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