Victor & Rolf design affordable but hot collection of jewelry for Swarovski

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The Netherlands have taken a very prominent role in the international fashion scene. It is known more and more for its very modern approach with often a humorous twist. Victor & Rolf are probably the best known designers worldwide coming from this little country. And after spoiling us for years with exciting fashion designs, they now teamed up with Swarovski to design a whole new range of jewelry for the Swarovski brand.


Victor Rolf Swarovski jewelry bizzita.6


I took a look at the collection and what strikes me is the easy to wear appearance, not always something associated to Victor & Rolf’s catwalk designs.

Victor Rolf Swarovski jewelry bizzita10

Evening wear or rock chic, but always easy on the eyes and easy to wear

It fits the woman who would only wear this jewelry for evening occasions but also the rock chic look. It can add a little spark to even the most plain outfit. Without being overdone or that one needs to worry about the preciousness.

Victor Rolf Swarovski jewelry bizzita.12


Because the next thing that I find very appealing is that prices are still in the affordable range:  from around 80 euro to 950 euro’s. Not too bad. Bear in mind that jewelry like this might always keep a certain value. Even if there is no gold or stones of value added.

Victor Rolf Swarovski jewelry bizzita.11

Would I wear it?

All in all, I liked the look a lot. Would I wear it? Oh yes, I definitely would wear this and most probably in the evening where the sparkle will come out at its best.

Victor Rolf Swarovski jewelry bizzita Paz Vega Pamela Roland

The presentation of the collection, here with Spanish actress Paz Vega wearing a dress by the famous dress maker Pamela Rolland.

The collection has (for now) two different lines: Frozen Crystal by Victor & Rolf and Velvet Rock by Victor & Rolf.

Victor Rolf Swarovski jewelry bizzita.8
Velvet rock. It does look soft and glam at the same time.

Where can I find this collection?

You can find the collection in selected Swarovski stores and online on the Swarovski website.


Victor Rolf Swarovski jewelry bizzita.4

Victor Rolf Swarovski jewelry bizzita.jpg3

Earrings and bracelet Velvet Rock by Victor & Rolf


Victor Rolf Swarovski jewelry bizzita.5

The famous fashion duo

Victor Rolf Swarovski jewelry bizzita Candy

and their cheeky humorous site :-) ( for Candy Magazine)

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