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Wallace Chan, the Chinese Jewelry Master living and working in Hong Kong, has done it again! His creations contain magical jewelry that whispers stories of art, culture, and humanity. Dive with me into his enchanting world and read also my personal notes about the pieces! This is the first part of a new series of stories about a designer and his jewelry. 

Wallace Chan Profile

Wallace Chan is one of those artists that capture even those who aren’t that much into jewelry. Why? Because his jewelry goes beyond status, beyond enhancing the wearer. It is a form of art and the sheer size is so dramatic that the story told by the stones and the creation itself, is heard and felt.

Look, really look at Wallace Chan's jewelry

Once you start to look, I mean really really look, you can’t stop. Because every single detail contains a world of skills and materials and different lights. Every detail, every angle is like a new play on the same stage. Poetic words, giving away my admiration for Wallace Chan.

In this new series of taking a closer look at the work of designers where I will share with you what I see and for you: what to look for. In some cases, I will share with you for whom a particular piece is most suitable, or which story or symbolism there is to share. I hope this will help you to look differently at jewelry and even inspire you in your next choices. 

Jewelry is based on stories

Wallace Chan is one of those few Masters in the world that are so innovative, so unique and are so willing to push boundaries of techniques and imagination, that it's almost a pity that his jewelry isn't seen more. The reason for this is simple. Each piece is a work of art. And although this is a word that I use often, I mean true art in this case. Wallace Chan gets inspired by many things in life. When you talk to him, which is surprisingly easy and pleasant, you'll experience that his curiosity is perhaps his biggest asset. He wonders. He listens to a story about my son, who has a hard time focusing but has the ability to touch almost all domestic animals and somehow calms them within no time. My son, who can't sit still, becomes just as calm as the animals and they somehow connect. I hate the word - whisperer- but I tell you: it's a little magical to observe. Mr. Chan listens carefully to my story and answers me with what he thinks of this. I can perceive, almost in a tangible way, how this little story touches his imagination, his philosophical mind. And I think to myself: my son of 10 would immediately get along with Mr. Chan! 

Looking a Wallace Chan's jewelry can be a gift to yourself

The jewelry of Mr. Chan is not for everyone. It isn't meant for everyone either. The price tag, which I can't say, isn't either for everyone. But here is the beautiful thing: Mr. Chan shows his jewelry on a few events worldwide and is visibly happy to just share it with people who stop and look. He wants them to see and listen to his jewelry. He wants them to observe, allow themselves to experience an emotion, understand the story behind the creation. And then, we all see through our own glasses. We all observe the world with our particular view of the world. We aren't objective when we look at his jewelry. But take a moment to listen to what he meant with its creation and then look with your own heart and your own emotions and allow yourself to be a little enchanted. If you allow yourself that, it'll be a gift to yourself. 

In this blog, we look at the first of his latest creations: Nebula Butterfly

Nebula Butterfly

This is how Wallace Chan describes the collection Nebula Butterfly:

''Deep in outer space, within immense galactic clouds of gas and dust, stars are born. In these cosmic bodies, little is certain – which leads us to imagine; and much is possible – which turns our imagination into innocent wishes and eventually, hopeful dreams.

Lying about 4000 light-years away from Earth is the wildest dream fantasized under the light of stars fulfilled by the incomprehensible wonders of the universe: Butterfly Nebula. From this hourglass-shaped cloud of interstellar gas and dust, a pair of spectacular butterflies emerge with dainty wings of near-perfect symmetry. They float through the night sky, exploring the mystical galaxies.

On the Butterfly Planet, the pair of surreal butterflies with titanium bodies share a communicative frequency through the glittering patterns of gemstones on their wings. Polished slivers of amethyst interact harmoniously with the pavé gems underneath them, creating stunning dimensions and worlds to get lost in. Below their swirling antennae, bright stars of yellow diamonds, pink sapphires, and green tsavorites beam upon their faces and illuminate their bodies’ subtle movements.

Dancing within the boundless depths of the galaxies, the butterflies flutter about with the grace and elegance of souls truly free, celebrating the joys of companionship and the greatness of the universe''.

What did you see?

What happened in your mind? Did you see something in your head when reading these words? I was, immediately transported to the movie Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, where there is this wonderful planet, with the white sand, blue sea and stunning creatures that overwhelmed me visually in the cinema. Now let's take a look at his creations itself! 

Wallace Chan Butterfly Nebula Jewelry1

Wallace Chan Butterfly Nebula Jewelry 2

WAllace Chan Nebula Butterfly jewelry.1.0

Details of the nebula butterfly:

You have to know that this is a pair of brooches. Sold as a pair and not meant to be separated.

  • The first one: yellow diamond 1pc 2.01 ct and yellow diamond, diamond, tsavorite garnet, pink sapphire, amethyst, ruby, and titanium.
  • The second one: yellow diamond 1pc 2.32 ct and yellow diamond, diamond, tsavorite garnet, pink sapphire, ruby, and titanium.


WAllace Chan Nebula Butterfly jewelry

What I see:

First of all, the sheer size, you can see it in my hands here below, is striking. It's made in titanium, so very light. I moved it around and from every angle, it's a little miracle. It feels as fragile as a butterfly should be, yet it also feels strong. It's fantasy, but you kind of wish they would really exist. The fluid form of the wings, the way the colored gemstones are set is something you almost can't stop looking at. Did you see it? Did you notice all the small details too? The double wings, the three-dimensional finish? Wherever you look, there is something going on. Did you notice all the particular gemstones? The details of the creature's body? The antenna of the Nebula Butterfly is bouncy and slightly flexible. I was torn between admiring the skill of the artisan, the visual poetry and the story it was telling me all at the same time, and felt enchanted by the whole experience. 

Love to hear what you saw, noticed or thought of!

Below a sneak peek into next week's creation: the Wheel of Time!

WAllace Chan Esther Ligthart NebulaWheeloftime 2.0





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  • vishnu das

    vishnu das

    • 05 April 2019 at 05:35
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    I am an Indian designer and really liked your post and it was worth reading, your words describe the passion and love for jewelry and thus expect to read more from you. keep up with the great work and stay blessed.


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