DeLaneau,the perfect harmony between a watch and a jewel

Deaneau is a watch company from Basel, Swiss. The brand is unique and although modest and not well known to the public, it is incredibily artistic and with a unqiue artisan touch to it. It was created 85 years ago by Rolf and Yolanda Tschudin. They started creating watches for jewelers at the Place Vendome in Paris.


DeLaneau 3

Gemstones in watches

Delaneau is and has been always a company that specialized in setting gemstones in watches. Now this is a very unique thing and therefor the company was first of all a producer of watches, so precious that we might better call them jewelry maybe, for the big names on the Place Vendome in Paris. 


Enameld watches

In 2001 they started to do enameling too. Using the Sous Fondant technique. This is done with magnifying glasses and only after heating will the final result be visible. Making it extremely easy to make mistakes during the whole process. This is why only true craftsmen can do this job.

DeLaneau BackesAndStraussDetail4

Women's watches

DeLaneau is unique for another reason too. It is one of the very few watch companies that specialize in the female watch. There is a much larger men's watch industry but these watches are so precious and so beautiful they are often regarded much more as jewerly than *just* a watch. Cherished like your most precious ring, according to Brigitte Morina, creative director of the company

delaneau tdo parrots tdo1e121 wg fan04 square

Pick your favorite Delaneau watch!

I am not the biggest watch lover but would love one of these watches for sure! They are simply stunning. Which one is your favorite pick? ( mine is this white one just above this text :-)







delaneau atame jade atae121 square




delaneau ado lilly ado4s235 wg lsi120 square


delaneau atame yingyang atar220 square

De Lanau 2

 delaneau atame cerisier11 atad001 0 square

delaneau tdo cacatuas tdo1s125 wg fan01 square



delaneau atame colibri11 atad001 square

DeLaneau watches bizzita.1

DeLaneau Peacock watch

DeLaneau Gracestars new Watch


DeLaneau watches bizzita



Comments (3)

  • sheikh


    • 18 April 2018 at 11:08
    • #

    Amazing designs all the watches are kool and having a trendy look. Thanks for sharing


  • Sofia Larionova

    Sofia Larionova

    • 11 June 2018 at 11:40
    • #

    I love the peacock and love bird design the most, other designs are also very beautiful. Good work keep it up :)


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