If you love over the top watches, guys....then take a look at Jacob & Co.

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Jacob & Co isn’t for the modest and shy! Although it is also true that many shy people like to express themselves through clothes and accessories that express something bigger. For all those who do not mind terms like big, * over the top*, there is an American brand called Jacob & Co that matches those descriptions perfectly.



David Beckham, one of the first that promoted the brand very actively, the other watches are the Austronomia Tourbillon, the watch that I love most of the whole collection

Jacob Arabo

Jacob Arabo started as an apprentice at the tender age of 16 in the world of jewelry and timepieces. In 1986 he took the step to open his own business: Jacob & Co. First specializing in fine- and high end jewelry, but then in 2002 he took another big step in starting producing watches.


Jacob Arabo himself, I don't recall the name of the watch on the left, but it was the watch that made me, years ago, look at the brand with a lot of interest. It was big and very flashy. After the big watches became such a trend, started by, some say: Schwarzenegger wearing the Panarai watch in one of his movies, there was suddenly a brand that didn't think big was statement enough. No...it had to be flashy and very colorful too. I admire the daring souls in jewelry and the watch industry :-)


Jacob & Co never made it a secret that they love celebrities and have done a lot to gain fame through celebrities. One of the first that I remember was David Beckham. But at that time I still watched MTV a lot ( I never would believe it when I was younger, but one grows over it one day ;-) and there were many artists who loved the very over the top style. Big chunky timepieces with lots of splashes of color and diamonds.


Epic X collection

Not easy to impress :-)

Although celebrities and product placement is huge in most countries, it seems that in the Netherlands ( and that maybe goes for the Scandinavian countries and Germany too) we are not so impressed with stars wearing a certain kind of perfume, make-up, watch, piece of jewelry or dress…But still, it is always a pleasing side to see someone famous outside a movie or video clip showing us what they wear…Even if we all know this is pure marketing ;-)))


Many of the time pieces have a diamond version at Jacob &Co

High Quality

I always like quality and I do like pieces that stand out. Although I deeply appreciate technology and the more classical pieces in either watches and jewelry, it is the extravagant, the fun, the surprising, the wow pieces, that I feel most passionate about.


Some more watches from the collection: Epic X and Classical Manual


A blog for you, guys! 

As I am hardly ever publishing for men or have blogs about watches, I thought it would be nice to show you a little bit of the masculine side of Jacob & Co…Do they have a female side too? Oh yes!


Galicula collection, revealing an erotic image...porn on your wrist. I have no words...( photo's courtesy by Watchonista.com)

For sure you will see more of Jacob & Co on Bizzita in the future. You can also find more information here


Epic X and Epic SF24


Tourbillon image, The Ghost watch, Ronaldo is one of the celebs that pose as a testimonial for the brand

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