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It’s just early days still in the smartwatch market and yet we see already so many exciting new developments. One more appealing than the other, but perhaps there is space for many different approaches. I personally love this one! It’s a Kickstarter project right now, so you might consider to hop on board and get involved into this most exciting smartwatch product so far.

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Trivoly is a project started by two Dutch guys, working from the local hotbed of innovation in Amsterdam. Both have a passion for watches and technology and convenience. Having connections with the traditional watch world on a more personal level, they thought about all those watch aficionados. If you own a watch that you love or your passion is watches, you might not be so attracted to the less attractive designs of most smartwatches out there. It might also be that you see just not enough reason to buy one.

Trivoly disc smartwatch

But as we all know, these are exciting and technology moves ever more rapidly. What if you could combine your favorite watch with the latest technology? And what if this could be done at just a fraction of the price of a normal smartwatch?

Trivoly watch smart bizzita

The Trivoly is a very small disk, which one can place underneath a watch. It is easy to wear as it is thin and smooth. The disk works together with your watch and your phone. Both Android and iOs. You can easily remove it as it stays in place by micro-suction cups.

Trivoly smartwatchapps

I spoke to Roger Willemsen, one of the founders, on the phone and his enthusiasm and passion for the product was incredible. He said: ‘’ we can literally turn any watch into a smart watch! People do not have to cramp their style just because they love technology and with a market of 1,2 billion watches still sold each year, the market is enormous and our product is so relevant today!

Trivoly smartwatch solution Bizzita

Here are just a few features and highlights of the Trivoly disk;

  • It’s sleek and easy to wear

  • Water resistant

  • up to 4 days of battery life

  • works with any watch.

  • silent vibrant alarm

  • multi color led for intuitive recognition

  • works with both iOs 8 and 9 on Iphone 5 and above

  • fitness tracker, optical heart rate sensor, pedometer, stairs, sleep, sports ( works with Google Fit, Apple health and more)

  • Messages and notification, calls and alerts

  • FCC en CE certified

Trivoly watchsmartbizzita

And there is more!  You can your watch as a remote control for the camera on your phone! And you can even control your music from your watch. It is amazing, the speed of the developments in technology. Some things seem pure gadgets, whilst others really help to make life easier. I am a gadget lover, but they have to somehow help me with life hacking. They really need to make things faster, easier and smoother for me.

Trivoly smartwatch

I think that Trivoly combines so many great options with the simple fact that you can wear it with your normal watch. The one that you love, saved money for, has a special meaning for you, is your daily joy because of the status it gives you, the technology of the watch itself, or its pure beauty.

Trivoly smartwatch Kickstarter

Find out more about Trivoly here:

And you can actually join the Kickstarter project now!.

Trivoly Smartwatch technology fitness bizzita


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  • Felix Estep

    Felix Estep

    • 27 December 2016 at 05:11
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    Wow! What an amazing band it is. I am totally pleased to use this fitness tracker. It has changed my life. After using this fitness tracker I am doing my daily exercises regularly in time. This tracker gives me reminder about my daily activities and fixed goal that I have scheduled on this tracker. It has made my life easy that act like a guide for mine. This is an awesome fitness tracker that really I expect.


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