Will the Apple Watch bring a huge revolution for the watch industry?

| Esther Ligthart | Watches

Yesterday was a big day for Apple and its fans all around the world. The presentation of new iPhone 6 and its bigger brother iPhone 6.6 took place and finally we got a glance at their newest gadget: the Apple Watch (formerly known as iWatch)


First of all: I think that calling it Apple Watch gives a sense of luxury, more than iWatch. This gear is a kind of hybrid still in our eyes. It connects something of the *old* world with technical properties and purpose from the *new* world. Maybe I am slightly disappointed that it is *just* a watch. Something we are already familiar with as we have all seen in comics and movies that are placed in the future. It just seems like an old idea really.

Apple Watch Bizzita new

Will the watch lover buy the Apple Watch? I am not convinced (yet). Having said that; there are many different kind of watch buyers and watch lovers. But let’s maybe state that it is hard to imagine that the same people that love Rolex or Patek Philippe or Blancpain and so on, will be charmed by the idea of the far less attractive Apple Watch. It looks much more like a Swatch than anything else.

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So, maybe Apple Watch will have to find its very own public. Maybe it’ll find its way to the heart of gadget lovers who weren’t into wearing watches before. And maybe, this should comfort the watch industry who was not really unanimously excited about the arrival of the Apple Watch, as it might actually bring back appreciation of the beauty of watches.

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I can’t look into the future, but we will see what happens with this development. I do adore gadgets. I can’t wait to experience the Oculus Rift or Google Glass for example. I love the idea of the use of drones and I am fascinated by all the developments we see around us. But I personally do not see why I should really want an Apple Watch. I am not fond of wearing a watch normally, but if I would spend money on it, there is so much beauty to be found and I would be much more interested in something beautiful.

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Apple watch may have that problem: why should you really want to wear it?

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In a few years’ time we will if Apple Watch will have inspired a new public or maybe the watch industry itself.

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