Giovanni Ferraris, gorgeous jewelry from the hills of Piemonte

| Esther Ligthart

In and just around Valenza, you can find a lot of the crème de la crème of the Italian jewelry industry. Here are the craftsmen, the innovators, the entrepreneurs that have taken the Italian art of jewelry to the highest standards possible. I have always been amazed by the sheer amount of creativity in one place! 

Bizzita Ferraris Arianne3

The Arianne Line. Light structures, just color and stones as small accents in another wise still bold design


Based in the hills of Piemonte

One such company is Giovanni Ferraris. This jeweler is based in San Salvatore, just outside Valenza in the beautiful hills of Piemonte. Giovanni, to me, is one of those creators of true jewelry. Made with a heart and made with passion and of course the skills of a master.

BizzitaFerraris Rosa

La Rosa, the Rose. Wonderful theme: flowers. They always work well in jewelry


Tried it myself

At the last trade fair in Vicenza I tried the new collection Twist on my own finger. And although it doesn’t look like it is very comfy to wear, it surprised me how easy it felt on my hands. The effect was amazing and once again I was surprised just how every time people like Giovanni manage to stretch their imagination and their creativity.

Bizzita FerrarisDolceVita10

La Dolce Vita. An all Italian term for the sweet Italian life. Something that Giovanni Ferraris loves to express with words and in his jewerly. These rings remind me however more of fruit somehow!:-)

Listening to their clients is a priority

They also told me that they like to stay in touch with their customers and that it allows them to get a better understanding of them and this way find new ways to interpret the wishes and demands to new and exciting collections.

Bizzita FerrarisDOLCEVITA 09

More sweet soft colors from the Dolce Vita line

My personal view is that more companies should do so. Get in touch with your clients; they will always love you for it! And you will get a lot better view on what people really want and like. It is a big trap for many creative people to just follow their own passion and heart without thinking about a market or what people really want. Making a good combination between the desire of the public and your own creativity and skills is a good way to success. Listening can be your greatest strategy.

Bizzita FerrarisFIOCCHI 01

The Fiocchi line, of course fiocco means bow in Italian.


 Nice little detail

Nice detail: Giovanni Ferraris started out with jewel watches. This is very technical and I think he never lost that gusto for technique and beauty!

Bizzita Ferraris Twist3

 Twist is this amazing technical theme. Inside the structure they use the same material as used by certain operations to the bones. This is covered by gold and is very difficult procedure that makes you gasp even more at these cute little snakes

Bizzita FerrarisDOLCEVITA 08

Dolce Vita, sighhhh...

Bizzita FerrarisEssenza 01

The Sparkly Essenza line. I just LOVE the colors and the shapes of this line so much!

Bizzita Ferraris

I do not know of any woman who wouldn't look gorgeous with these earrings

Bizzita Ferraris CIRCUS 01

The Circus line, again stunning gems play the leading role in these creations

Bizzita Ferraris Minulettere

Minu Lettere. Elegant rings with letters. They are open at the back which suggests they may be easy to adapt at your finger


Bizzita FerrarisGLAMOUR 01

The Glamour Line...cute huh?!


Bizzita Ferraris TWIST 17

The Twist line, in three colors


Bizzita Ferraris Arabesque

The Arabesque line. Beautiful gems playing again a leading role in a very elegant yet modest setting

Bizzita Ferraris Arabesque2

The Arabesque line. I love stones but look at the setting itself, the parts in gold. Isn't that just pretty!?

Bizzita Ferraris Essenza

The Essenza line. Apart from me loving the color purple, these are timeless pieces!

Bizzita Ferraris DOLCEVITA 16

Imagine that was you! :-)
Bizzita ferraris arianna2
Earrings matching the Arianna line

Bizzita Ferraris Arianna1

Arianna without color and with diamonds. These are so wildly elegant and I can easily imagine how gorgeous these will look in my ears...and yours!

Bizzita Ferraris Titanium

The Titanium collections. It shows a lot the love for technical design by Giovanni Ferraris

Bizzita Ferraris TWIST 15

Twist bracelet. A bracelet that I am sure, encounters a lot of fans amongst women. This easy to wear, light structured and elegant piece looks great wearing jeans and can play the leading role in your jewelry when you are all dressed up too

Bizzita Ferraris POLVERE DISTELLE 05-001

Yes yes...the moon. I love moons, stars, suns and heart....

Bizzita Ferraris Minuziozo

A little different style these rings with round gems. Minuziozo

Bizzita Ferraris SANLORENZO 06

Soft and sweet, San Lorenzo ring


Bizzita Ferraris TITANIUM 08

I have always my own favorite pieces in collection. And this pair of earrings is one of them. I am very much in love with this pair of earrings. They look amazing!

Bizzita Ferraris Twist2

This is the ring I tried myself in Vicenza when I encountered Giovanni Ferraris. It is a lot more comfy to wear than it looks like! I think this is daring and very different. I would wear this in an instant of course, but for sure it isn't the easiest piece in the collection. Having said that, these are the pieces that show the expertise, the innovational character and craftsmanship of Giovanni Ferraris.










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